Deck > Fourstival

Character: Anniversary: 4th
Series: Colors Universe
Description: The Fourstival deck is a limited edition deck celebrating Colors TCG's fourth anniversary. This deck could only be acquired from the 2014 Anniversary event and cannot be found in the randomizer or claimed as a choice card.
Masters: Harukami, Jae, Kippi, AL, Pam, Raven, Chives, Diana, Fumika, Anna, Em, Jen, Sky, Chelsea, Katie, Sami, Nea, ReneeTwist, Lita, Lila, Aave, Sammich, Stareyes, Nata, Ralene, Nat, Mal, Lex, Allmia, Abyss, Makoto, Jun, Cate, Dove, Nikita, Dialny, Ouji, Archer, Coops, Pikari, Kiri, Mazoku, Melissa, Anrui, Kati, Netbug, Fel, Bee, Delitan, Beth, Arisen, Rune, Dawn, Adina, Tot, Joey, Tsu, Raie, Muri, Chuu, Debs, Moon, Lee, Johanna, Trias, Moe, Laurant, Noxie, Caitie, Aru, Ember, Marge, Ari, Aletha, Onyx, Ten, Joyce, Arianne, Ashley
Color: N/A
Donated By: Sky
Created By: Sky