Deck > Countdown

Character: Anniversary: 2nd
Series: Colors Universe
Description: The Countdown deck is a limited edition deck celebrating the countdown to Colors TCG's second anniversary. This deck could only be acquired from the 2012 Anniversary event and cannot be found in the randomizer or claimed as a choice card.
Masters: Hitomi, Makoto, Mara, Zags, Noxie, Syn, Raven, Kuri, Dove, Arisa, Lance, Aby, Lita, Wing, Chikky, Nerrin, Eri, Chuu, Nuge, Miru, Elphie, Moon, Allmia, Naociak, Kikai, Aru, Tori, Skie, Aletha, Myde, Becca (T), Arianne
Color: N/A
Donated By: Aby, Nomi, Myde, Aru, Nerrin, Nuge, Miru, Allmia
Created By: Chuu