Deck > Anniversary

Character: Anniversary: 1st
Series: Colors Universe
Description: The Anniversary deck is a limited edition deck celebrating Colors TCG's first anniversary. This deck could only be acquired from the 2011 Anniversary event and cannot be found in the randomizer or claimed as a choice card.
Masters: Allmia, Zags, Mimi, Cassie, Duo, Akito, Vic, Sylwia, Raven, Chrissy, Haru, Yingyu, Moon, Nuge, Risu, Kerry, Kikai, Curry, Meghan, Aniki, KellieDee, Nomi, Ka-chan, Laura, Twiggy, Aisu, Lily, Kuri, Dara, Hitomi, John, Harumi, Kearin, Destiny, Jas, Aru, Wolfie, Salt, Chikky, Chuu, Kristi, Remus, Roax, Skie, Crystal, Aletha, Ouji, Eri, Phibby, Susan, Lucathia, disutansu, Pam, Rachel, Jun
Color: N/A
Donated By: Moon, Kuri, Eri
Created By: Lucathia