1. You must display your cards on a website or a public DW post. If you choose to display your cards on a website, please also make a DW post where members can trade with you and link this post from your site.

  2. You are permitted to direct-link Colors' cards, but we prefer you to save your cards and upload them to your own host.

  3. Your card post must include a level banner, a link back to Colors, your name, and your current card count. Your post should also contain a section for cards you're collecting, a section for cards you're trading, and a trading log. Trading logs must be detailed and include specific cards you earned or traded and the date on which this happened.

  4. To be considered an active player, you must update at least once a month. Otherwise, you will be moved to the inactive list and may be removed from the TCG. You are welcome to rejoin at a later date, though! To prevent being removed from the members list when you're busy, please declare a hiatus via the Information Change post.

  5. Please only log, save, or trade cards that you have earned. All trades and gifts must be exchanged in public spaces.

  6. Please do not share game answers with other members or ask for answers in a public space.

  7. Please treat all members with respect. If a dispute arises, please private message one of the main mods for mediation.