For Players

General suggestions - If you have general suggestions for the TCG, comment here.
FAQs - If you have a question concerning the TCG or how to play, this is where to ask.
Information change - If you need to change your information on the members list, this is where to do it. This includes going on hiatus or quitting.
Error reporting - If you spot an error on the website or in the community, comment here to let a mod know about it.

For Staff

Member list updates - If you take care of the joining, mastery, or levels, comment here biweekly to have the changes reflected on site.
Mod community - All mods must follow the mod community. If you need someone to cover for you, please make a post about it in the mod community. Mod pay is distributed here.

Affiliation Request

Affiliate? - If you would like to affiliate with Colors, please either leave a comment at the linked post or email colorstcg [@] gmail [dot] com. We are open to affiliating with other TCGs. Please include the following information:

Private Contact

If you need to contact a mod privately, please feel free to send PMs to their DW account. The main mods are:

Alternatively, if you have a gameplay question or any general concern, feel free to PM colorsmod or else send an e-mail to colorstcg [@] gmail [dot] com.