The Colors Universe

To Lead a Midorin to Water by Ka-chan

Characters: Midorin, Murasaki-dono
Word Count: 269 words
Theme: School Uniforms
Author Notes: So, I dunno where I was going with this. I picture Midorin as a snarky mid-aged teenager, and Murasaki somewhere in college, and since she's probably the oldest female of the Colors Universe that maybe she'd help out with finances and taking care of a big Colors family. Akai would also be a natural caretaker, being a bit older himself. I think mostly I just wanted to write something with Midorin, being a snarky, tomboyish, outwardly gruff, but inwardly thoughtful person, and this is what came out.

Midorin wasn't a fan of this. At all.

"Can't I just... shorten the skirt or something?"

Murasaki eyed her critically. "You can't, no. That would defeat the purpose of it being a uniform."

"Just like, an inch. They'll never notice."

"I'm not going to be the one to pick you up when they send you home. You'll have to ask Akai."

Midorin groaned. "Fine, whatever. What about the sleeves? I can roll those up pretty easily."

"If you think you'll get too hot, I suggest you take the spring uniform." Murasaki seemed unfazed by the rebellious questions, but then again, she never was.

"Just what kind of school is this?" Midorin just kept on.

Murasaki smiled. "It's a private one, with specialty in prep courses for Fashion Design, like you want to do someday. We pooled together a good deal of money for you to attend there. They'll shape you into a perfect lady."

"Like you?" Midorin grinned.

"Like me... hey!" Murasaki had missed the sarcasm in Midorin's voice, but couldn't miss the expression on the girl's face.

The tension drained pretty quickly, and the attention shifted back to the issue at hand. "Whatever," Midorin said again, and tossed the uniform back on the bed. She turned to walk out the door, but paused and turned, touching the door frame thoughtfully. "I know it means a lot," she said suddenly, and actually pretty seriously, "but it's just not me." She shook her head, spikey green hair flowing with the motion. "Just use the money on something else, Murasaki."

With that, Midorin left the room, and Murasaki fingered the edge of the uniform's cloth, considering how to bring this up to Akai.

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