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Tobi's Tale part 5 by Skie

Characters: Everyone
Word Count: 1,271 words
Theme: Sooner or later
Author Notes: N/A

“It had been but a week since her death” Tobi began, but was promptly cut off by a sudden uproar from his captive audience.

“What are you talking about?!” Mikan and Midorin said in unison, both equally as baffled.

“You’re being cleverly cryptic, Tobi.” Murasaki chimed in. “Where are you going with this?”

“He’s going” A new voice chimed in, coming from the door “to explain why the princess is still alive. Isn’t that right, Tobi?”

The new voice came from none other than the newest member of the household, Gin-sensei, who had requested to join the household at around the same time that Tobi did, but had only just arrived. Tobi had only planned the story to cover him and the individuals he was currently living with, but he had a pretty good idea to get Gin involved as well.

“That doesn’t make sense. We know that the princess is dead. She has to be.” Akai attempted to make sense of the possibilities and he gave a definite look of confusion towards Gin as the newest resident took up a seat.

“Shall I continue, then? You all seem eager to find out what happened. Sooner or later, you know I’ll tell you!” he asked, and after receiving a unanimous “Yes!” he continued on.

It had been a week since her death and the times were changing faster than ever. Aoi took up the role as the new leader of a unified country, leading all with compassion and a determination that he had never shown before. The events that had brought him to this point stuck fast in his memories and pushed him to change as he had. Akai, meanwhile, took the events in a different way. Following the death of the princess, he disappeared into the crowds and left all that made him a warrior behind. Murasaki was missing as well; apparently having taken the chance to disappear. Kou, too, was missing. Many were unaccounted for, many were dead, but peace was spreading quickly throughout the united countries.

In a far off ocean town, near the very edges of the green country, there were people that had returned to their lives; having finally recovered from the war. They were able to put their pain and sorrow behind them, and in this specific town it was thanks to one priest that they had been able to do so. Having recently moved to the town from a far off land the new priest, Father Gin, immediately set out to change the lives of everyone he came across. He had eight steps, he would say, eight steps that he would take to make things better. It was not until a single girl came to him that he realized his eight steps might not be enough.

“Father” The young girl said, obscured by the mesh wall between herself and Gin. “I… I have done something… really, truly terrible.”

“Tell me, child. Anything can be forgiven.” Gin assured her.

“No… I… I can’t… I killed… hundreds. Thousands of people…” The girl began choking up, clearly beginning to cry as she continued. “And I… he… my brother… he…”

It was as the rebellious forces were forcing their way inside of the castle and towards the royal chambers. Kou, with his hair stained orange after his crime, decided on his final action to protect his sister from harm. He would not allow her to come to harm. He knew that the people wanted blood. They wanted repayment for all the atrocities that had befallen the countries. For all the sorrow that had been caused. For all the evil that had come from this little princess. Kou knew that they came for her. So he decided that he would give her to them. He would give them the evil princess that they so desired to take revenge on. Tears streamed down Mikan’s cheeks as Kou told her what he would do. She would escape. He would take her place. She would live. He would die. They were twins, no one would know.

Mikan fled with the servants of the royal chambers, unnoticed by the rebellion whose eyes remained locked on the princess; Locked on Kou, who stood in her place in the most elegant of ball gowns that the princess possessed. There was surely no way to tell them apart by looks alone. Akai, as he pressed the tip of his blade against Kou’s neck, knew that he was not standing before the princess. He knew her eyes; he could never forget the manner in which she looked upon him when he had tried to take her life. The princess before him did not have those eyes. The princess before him looked with eyes that asked forgiveness; eyes that knew their crimes and were prepared to pay for them. “You…” Akai choked on his own words, tears filling his eyes. “…Why?”

“My hands are red with the blood of thousands… and all I can do to pay for my crimes is to beg forgiveness.” Mikan sobbed “My brother paid for what I did. He died for me… And I… … I can never tell him…”

In one of the adjacent booths, waiting to speak with Gin as well, sat a girl with long, purple hair. Having endured horrors of her own and losing all that was dear to her, Murasaki could barely restrain herself. A part of her, hearing the person who was responsible for everything, was filled with an indescribable rage. She could take revenge and she could rid the world of the princess who had fled from her fate. But she was also filled with… sympathy? “Why…!?” Murasaki’s thoughts raced “She took everything from me… And yet here she is. Alone! She has nothing. Nothing, just like…”

That night, after the residents of the town had gone to sleep and even Gin had retired within the church, there were two that remained awake. Standing on the shore of the ocean, her feet just at the edge of where the waves crested, stood Mikan. Within her hands, she held fast to a glass bottle with a note inside. She stood looking over the ocean, tears running down her cheeks. The bottle had but a single message waiting to be sent out across the ocean in hopes that it could reach her brother. Surely, it could.

The other that remained awake was Murasaki. Clutching a knife in her hand, she silently made her way to the beach. The evil princess had her back towards her, and the opportunity was perfect. Murasaki moved closer, thinking out her actions. “A single strike. One stab! That’s all I need. She’ll pay. She needs to pay.” As she approached, she too began to cry. “I… She… Midorin… I have to avenge her… but she wouldn’t…” Murasaki’s approach slowed as she remembered her dearest friend. She knew better than anyone that Midorin would want forgiveness; not revenge.

On the far horizon, Murasaki could see the faintest image of Midorin. The blade slipped from her fingers, and she dropped to her knees. She would forgive this girl, for all that had happened.

Out on the ocean, appearing among the mists, a shadow of Kou appeared to Mikan; she knew it was him. She let her fingers release the bottle, and it floated out to sea. A small smile appeared on her face, despite her tears.

“I can’t ever be with her again. I wanted to thank her… for saving me. For being with me.”
“I can never tell him how much he meant to me. I wish I could tell him… thank you.”


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