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Tobi's Tale part 3 by Skie

Characters: Everyone
Word Count: 1,578 words
Theme: Sooner or later
Author Notes: Yet another cliffhanger. :)

“Like I would abandon anyone!” Midorin proudly shouted, standing up from the couch and glaring at Tobi. “And you’re both fools for following that greedy orange princess!”

“Hey!” Mikan stood up as well, holding an orange in hand that she had procured during the story. “I’m not the other me! She’s too… mean!” Mikan pouted, glancing at Tobi.

“This story is rather predictable.” Kou commented. “I’m going to have a happy ending with Midorin… which is rather odd.” He glanced at Midorin indifferently. “Mikan will end up with Aoi” he laughed, finding the idea strange but ultimately fitting for the story. “Tobi and Kou will stick by Mikan…” He suddenly had a realization and stopped. “Wait. But how does Murasaki fit into this…?”

“Precisely.” Tobi responded, grinning widely. “Speculate all you want, but you won’t know until you let me finish this tale!”

All six of his housemates nodded in unison, all quite interested in this new “other world” that they were being pulled into. What would become of them?...

It did not take long for word to spread throughout the blue country, the orange country, and the remains of the red country of the genocide that had transpired in the green country. More shocking than the news of the widespread murder of any woman with green hair was the news about the princess of the green country…

Returning to the castle without the armies of the orange country, Kou carefully made his way to the private room of the princess, Mikan, to give her the news. He was not sure how she would react, both to the news and to his rather haggard appearance. His disposition, meanwhile, had never been more stable and confident. He knocked twice at his sister’s door, not daring to touch the handle. A quiet voice came from beyond the door requesting not to be disturbed.

“But” Kou began, a smile spreading across his features. “My wonderful princess, I bring such good news.”

In an instant, the door swung open. Mikan had leapt from her seat within the room. She had been there for some time, it seemed, waiting after she had received the news from the green country. There she had waited. She had chosen to wait alone for the return of her most skilled and loyal servant, her treasured brother.

These events, unfortunately, did not spell good news for the orange country. The remnants of the red country, which had already been mobilizing against the tyrannical orange princess, had begun to take up allies within the orange country itself. Spurred into action by the genocide within the green country, the blue country began an advance to stop the orange princess for good. At the head of the forces gathering to defeat the horror that had fallen upon the four countries were two men. A prince, wearing the most noble of uniforms and with an entire country enraged by the genocide at his back, of blue and a commander, wearing war-scarred armor and leading an army of surviving soldiers from a defeated nation, of red.

The first movement by these armies, made against the very army of the orange country, was immensely successful in destroying any hope the orange princess could ever have of surviving this retaliation. Though the commander in brown armor was skilled, he did not have the forces in his control to be able to withstand an attack from two powerful foes at once.; and sooner or later, he would inevitably fail. Sensing his defeat to come, Tobi sent Kou ahead to return to the princess’ side; to deliver the news to her and protect her in his stead. Tobi knew full well that Kou would do so, and he knew that after his defeat the armies of red and blue would follow quickly after him.

Tobi’s men fell in battle and, after a time, only he remained in opposition to the red and blue soldiers who held their swords for revenge. He knew how wrong the order had been that he had been asked to carry out, and he knew how wrong his princess had been to order it. “But.” Tobi stated as he drew up his blade to continue the fight. “A soldier cannot disobey the will of his country! His princess!”

“Your princess is a devil!” Akai shouted, moving to the front of the group of soldiers with his weapon drawn. “You would follow a devil without question?” he asked angrily.

Tobi lunged, aiming to end the confrontation in a single blow, shouted his final words “I would follow the princess…” his blade was struck from his hand, and the tip of Akai’s blade drew ever closer “…to hell and ba—!!” Tobi’s shouts were silenced. His life of devotion and dedication to his princess had come to a close where he would have liked it to; on the battlefield, in defense of his leader. He had died a proud commander and he hoped that, in his absence, the princess would remain safe.

Akai looked upon Tobi’s fallen form with a mix of anger and pity, not looking away from his felled foe until he felt a hand upon his shoulder, squeezing slightly to capture his attention.

“He should be properly buried when we return, despite the atrocities he has committed” Aoi stated, showing no emotion at all. He had shed tears when he had learned of what had occurred, but that was the time for tears; it was now, on the battlefield, which was the time for showing strength. He could show no sorrow and no weakness here. His men and the souls of the departed were depending on his strength to carry through with the revenge that had to be dealt upon the little devil princess who had torn their peace and happiness from them. Akai knew just as well as he did what had to be done.

It was by their hands that things would be made right. It would be by their hands that she would be killed.

“Kou” Mikan stared in awe at her brother who stood before her. His hair, which had always been such a bright, perfect yellow was now stained and had become orange in color; surprisingly, an orange that was almost an exact match to her own. “What…” she began, but was cut off as Kou raised a single finger; revealing his bloodstained hands.

“My princess.” He remained smiling, never showing anything that would cause his sister to be unhappy. “I have fulfilled your request.”

As he spoke, Kou’s memories returned him to the very moment that he had fulfilled his sister’s demand. He had told her, the princess of the green country, to choose to abandon her people and save her own life or to die with her people. She had, with a simple smile and with no move to resist or flee, told him that she would never leave her people. “But you must!” Kou insisted. “Save yourself, princess! I’m giving you this chance! The armies will be here and they will slaughter you all without remorse; in the name of our princess!” he pleaded.

“I would rather die with my people than live after abandoning them.” Midorin stated simply, her innocent smile never wavering. “Are you so cruel to abandon your princess to save your own life?” she countered, witnessing Kou’s expression immediately change as a result of her question. “I would never—I would give my life—That’s…!” Kou struggled for words, struggled to fight against her logic and her refusal to flee. “Can’t you see…!” Kou struggled. His dream of a peaceful world where he could be with the green princess was shattering in his very hands. He could not control it, nor could he do anything to stop it from breaking. “Can’t you see that I don’t want this?!” His tears began to flow as he looked upon the princess and she, still continuing to smile, shook her head in response to his pleads.

“If you don’t want this.” Midorin said calmly, sweetly “You won’t want me to suffer at the hands of the armies that are coming”

Kou had never taken the life of another human, but he knew that he had to. For both the princess he had fallen in love with, and the princess, his sister, that he had sworn his life to… he had no other choice. He could vividly remember every sound, every smell, every single scene of those actions that he had been forced to carry about. But it was for the happiness of his princess, his sister, which he chose to carry them out.

“But—“ Mikan began again, sounding more desperate, but was this time cut off by a distant crash that resounded throughout the castle. The crash repeated every few moments, and sounds of wood breaking began to accompany the crashes. With each passing crash, a dull roar of voices was growing. The voices all shouted in support of the crashes, and in support of their cause. The voices came from the armies of blue, the soldiers of red, the survivors of green, and the people of orange. They all fought as one to bring down one evil that they all had become victims to.

“My princess” Kou stated, never once letting his calmness slip. “We must get you to safety. They are coming to kill you.”

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