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Tobi's Tale part 2 by Skie

Characters: Everyone
Word Count: 1,394 words
Theme: Sooner or later
Author Notes: N/A

“Woah woah woah, wait a minute here!” Midorin immediately stood up, seemingly defying where the story was headed. “I’m not fine with dying!”

“I’m not fine with my alternate self being interested in such a green princess, but it is but a story” Aoi interjected, earning a glare from Midorin. “I am, however, concerned.” Aoi began to go on, but was stopped by Tobi’s outstretched finger.

“Just wait until you see where the story will take your alternate selves!” Tobi said happily.

Midorin pointed accusingly at Tobi, but chose to remain silent as another suddenly stood and made his own protest. “Why am I—“ Kou began, but was promptly silenced by Tobi.

“Your role, Kou, is among the most influential in this entire tale. You’ll find a great deal of satisfaction in what transpires.” Tobi grinned as the concern left Kou’s face. “Now. Allow me to continue the story.”

Thus, Tobi continued his tale. His story returned his audience to the chambers of the orange princess and to the very demand that had left her lips. Kou, in hearing such a request, could do nothing more than look upon the princess, his sister, with utter shock. He could not muster up any words to respond to her. He could not make any movements. He could not satisfy what it was that she wanted. As he shifted his gaze back up to meet hers, he witnessed something that he had not thought possible.

Mikan, his sister, the princess of the orange country, the leader in the former war against the red country, was crying. Without attempting to hide them or wipe them aside, Mikan sat upon her throne with tears streaming from her eyes. Her face was a mix of various emotions, but her anger and sadness both shone through equally.

“Every one of them.” Mikan repeated, quietly. She found that the words themselves were taking considerable effort to form through her tears.

Kou found himself fighting back his own emotions. “My princess” he finally spoke. “What you ask will be done.” He managed out, and quickly turned himself away from his sister. With slow steps, each carefully made in a manner that would arouse no suspicion, Kou departed from the throne room. Not a soul noticed the damp marks left by his falling tears.

It took only an hour for the soldiers to be gathered, and it took even less for their march to begin. It was not Kou who led the soldiers to their destination, but instead a young commander who wore armor adorned with brown engravings and jewels. During their travels that first night, Kou sat down with the young commander who went by the name “Tobi”.

“I will need to proceed ahead into the green country alone.” Kou said to Tobi, flatly. “There is someone I must speak with before we carry out the task that our princess has entrusted us with.”

“I need to ask” Tobi grinned. “Is this about a girl? Some kind of adventure to spirit her away? You know that the cute little princess won’t be very pleased with you.” He laughed. “But I like adventures!”

“Not at all.” Kou frowned. “I need to convince someone to disappear so that their life may be saved.”

“Ohho. You have your eyes on one of the green hairs, do you?” Tobi’s hand idly drifted to his blade. “You know. My loyalty lies with our princess.” He continued, his grin never once slipping from his features.

“You have nothing of that sort to fear.” Kou smiled. “I would never betray the princess.”

With that said, the two continued chatting long into the night. Kou had many tales to tell about the times in the past where the princess wished for nothing more than control over every country so that every citizen could live peacefully. The years had done wrong to her beliefs, but she still wished the best for her people. It was just the other countries that she was far crueler to. It was not until the fires in the camp burned out that Kou and Tobi both agreed that they needed sleep.

The next morning, as the sun began to rise, the soldiers began their march to take them closer to the green country and closer to fulfilling their task. Another individual, meanwhile, was approaching the castle in the orange country for an audience with the princess.

“Your highness, a commander from the former red country is here requesting an audience with you.” A servant asked, serving in Kou’s absence.

“Let him in.” Mikan responded, entirely uninterested in what the commander had come for. She sat across her throne instead of properly in it and barely batted an eyelash at the approaching red commander. She was quite sure he would make some sort of petty demand and then beg for something, and then he would be seen off.

“I’m going to KILL you” Akai shouted, drawing his blade and advancing into a run from his former walk into the throne room. “To avenge all the atrocities that you are responsible for!” His foot stepped upon the first step towards the throne. Though he could see the little orange princess beginning to move for her retreat, he knew that he was faster and would get her. Such a fool she was, to leave herself unguarded… he thought, until he felt a weight on his back and his forward momentum cease entirely. From above, a guard had dropped down to stop him. The guard immediately grabbed Akai’s weapon and used it to hold him still. “One move” the guard stated “and I’ll take that head of yours.”

“You thought you could kill me, commoner?” Mikan, though now standing on her throne, looked down at Akai as if he were the nastiest filth she had ever set eyes on. “You do not have the—“

“Someday!” Akai shouted. “You’ll come to pay for what you’ve done!”

“I’m—“ Mikan attempted to speak, but was cut short by Akai’s commanding tone combined with his rage.

“A monster! You slay innocents and then sit by demanding more! You’ve taken everything and still want more!” Akai’s anger was now mixing with sorrow, and the guard was attempting to remove him from the throne room. “YOU TOOK MY WIFE!” Akai shouted, struggling in vain as he was removed and eventually thrown to the streets.

Mikan, visibly shaken, stood alone in her throne room. She had crushed the red country, and yet its remnants continued to defy her. She could only hope that the green country would turn out differently. Perhaps they would remain conquered. Sooner or later, she would be the leader of a single country, not one warring with others.

It was not until dusk was beginning to fall that the orange army set up their camp no more than a mile from the border of the green country’s primary city. They set up their camp and waited for morning as Kou proceeded onward to meet with the green princess that he had only seen photographs of. If the stories regarding her were true, she would surely be willing to go along with him.

In her new quarters in the capitol building of the green country, Midorin sat alone. Only an hour earlier, she had been convincing Murasaki to go out and do a bit of shopping for herself. The two were definitely the best of friends and were, for the most part, inseparable by day. At night, they slept in adjacent rooms and spent any time away from their rooms at each-others’ sides. But on this night, Midorin felt that Murasaki should go out and find something nice to come back and surprise her with. It could be anything, and Murasaki seemed to perk up with excitement after hearing the idea.

There came a soft knocking at her door and Midorin, figuring that Murasaki had returned early, answered the knock without much hesitation or caution. In the green country, crime was almost unheard of. Everyone was, for the most part, happy. However, this situation turned out to be much different. Sooner or later, after all, time will change everything. Standing before her was not her friend that she had been expecting but instead there was a young man with yellow hair.

“Princess.” Kou stated. “Abandon your people or you will be killed.”

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