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Tobi's Tale part 1 by Skie

Characters: Everyone
Word Count: 1,738 words
Theme: Sooner or later
Author Notes: This tale is not one that can be told in one single part. I believe it may end up taking three parts, and I intend to write those over the next few weeks... or days, depending on how much spare time I end up having.

“We begin today’s story” Tobi read aloud “in a land that is much, much different than ours.” He continued, beginning to flesh out the story for his listeners. Interestingly enough, he had caught the attention of all of his housemates. Akai, having just returned from his job, sat upon the couch in a fairly professional looking suit, minus the jacket, with a loosely tied tie. Mikan, who had only awoken an hour or so earlier, remained in her pajamas with her arms wrapped around a rather impressively large plush orange; the plush orange itself was, astonishingly, roughly the size of a car tire. Kou, having initially given Tobi the idea of telling a housewarming story to celebrate his arrival, was more than happy to sit in and listen to this great tale of adventure. Midorin, though initially hesitant to join in on the tale, was immediately enthralled when Tobi stated that it would be a tale of adventure starring alternate versions of all six individuals he was now living with. Aoi was, astonishingly, the easiest to invite as he was more than interested to get a better grasp on the individual that he would now be living with in addition to all of the others that were already living there. Murasaki turned out to be the hardest to ask, but Tobi had actually chosen to ask her to join in on the story first. It was not until he outright said that there were princes and princesses and a story of love and tragedy involved that he managed to get her attention; and with a few more words, including the same reasoning that he had used to pull Midorin in, that he was including alternate selves of everyone in the house, that Murasaki agreed to listen to the story. Thus, with all six of the people he had now started living with, Tobi began his story.

There once lived a princess, a beautiful princess of the orange country, who ruled her people with a cruel, citrusy grip. The princess, Mikan, had been chosen when she was young to be the next ruler of her country. Her brother, meanwhile, was chosen to act as her servant and protect her at all times as she fulfilled her duties and ascended to greatness as the ruler of her country. Her brother, Kou, while being an extremely capable gentleman on his own, took on the task with a great pride and kept watch over his sister. As the two grew up, the world shaped itself into a set of countries divided by color that each held their own specific set of beliefs and often didn’t agree with each-other. The blue country, ruled by a handsome prince of very noble blood, was the most neutral of the countries; and was entirely at peace with every other country. They were not a warring nation, but they instead preferred the finer things and romance. The red country, having constantly been at war with the orange country, was finally losing its grasp and beginning to fall back. It would certainly not be long until they succumbed to the power of the orange country. The green country, meanwhile, wished only that its people would be happy and that they could be accepted in the world and that everyone could get along. The orange country, though, having finally gained the upper hand in the war against the red country, was fully intent on carrying out all of its plans… to rule.

With the background set, Tobi began to explain the roles of each character. Akai was a very skilled warrior in the service of the red country who had, unfortunately, lost his wife in the course of the war with the orange country. Mikan was the powerful, cruel citrusy princess of the orange country who wished to control everything. Kou was the sister of the princess of orange and was to protect her for all time. Midorin was the princess chosen by her people, not decided by her blood, of the green country, who ruled with a kind, gentle fairness that matched with her style. Aoi was the prince of the blue country, whose noble blood and fair judgment of his people made him a well liked ruler in stark contrast to Mikan and her orange country. Murasaki, lastly, was a young woman who was incredibly different from all those around her and led a life of hardship in the green country simply for not looking the same as all of the others. Given her purple hair and differing views on the world, she constantly felt that she did not fit in or did not belong and was thus a burden on others in the green country; until she met Midorin.

Murasaki found a bond with the kind girl who had a different view from the rest allowed her to open up and get past her differences. Tobi neglected to explain his role or include any details about how he would come into play, but he continued his story anyway. The entire story began with a great number of meetings, and the circumstances that led to Midorin becoming the princess of the green country. It is important to note that there are several very important relationships in this alternate world. Akai, seeking revenge for his dead wife, wishes to see Mikan dethroned and punished for her acts. Mikan has a dear wish to be wed to the prince of the blue country so that their countries can prosper and she can be a queen and rule over the lands. Kou, meanwhile, wishes to protect Mikan and ensure her happiness as princess; though he secretly harbors a crush on the princess of the green country. Midorin wishes to keep her new, dearest friend by her side even as she fulfills the duties as the princess of the green country; but she must also deal with a new advance by a particularly handsome prince. Aoi, as a prince, knows that in order to become a king he will need to find a princess to be his bride. Instead of looking to the princess of the orange country, whose ideas conflicted with his, his efforts have been to try to win the heart of the princess of the green country, whose peaceful nature was far more agreeable. Lastly, Murasaki’s only desire is to remain by the one person who paid her any mind. The one person, Midorin, that pulled her from her loneliness as being the only one who was purple amongst a country of green.

When Midorin first encountered Murasaki she was not, nor had she even ever thought it could be possible to become, the princess of her country. She was nothing more than an everyday girl who dreamt of finding the man of her dreams and living a happy life. She found the poor purple girl crying amongst the trees nearby her village. Upon approaching, Murasaki apologized profusely having not known that there were any other people around. As Midorin approached, Murasaki could shy away so far until the three at her back stopped her. She closed her eyes, fearing some sort of retaliation for having disturbed the green girl, and waited. The only thing that she felt was a gentle, soft embrace as Midorin’s arms wrapped around her in a hug.

“Why.” Murasaki choked through tears. “Why are you…? Am I that pitiable? I shouldn’t be alive.”

“But you” Midorin said, her voice completely calm and peaceful. “Are one of the most beautiful people I have ever seen. You have no reason to cry. No reason to fear. Let me shield you from the others.”

Murasaki could only respond with more tears as she realized she had finally found the one thing she had been hoping for. Someone who would acknowledge her and accept her for who she was. Following this meeting, the two became practically inseparable and eventually moved into the bigger city where they began working various jobs and kept at each-other’s sides as support and as the best of friends. They had both found happiness.

It was the result of a contest in the city that Murasaki had encouraged Midorin to participate in that ended in Midorin being considered as a princess of the country, and several weeks afterward the public had made its voice known that a princess, especially one who held the peaceful, kind ideals of the country in high regard, was necessary given the heated war filled climate between the orange and red countries. As a result, Midorin was chosen. But she never once left Murasaki alone. The two were the best of friends and neither planned to change that. The world, meanwhile, knew only of Midorin and her new role as princess; and her looks alone were enough to capture the hearts of many… including Kou.

Seeing this new princess and her influence on the world, sent a shiver of anger straight to Mikan’s very core and led her into a fit of anger and rage that could not be quelled by words alone. Her servants all saw fit to shy away into the shadows and even the guards kept their distance from the young princess. She was not a force to be dealt with while angry, and Mikan had dealt quite harsh punishments when she was in far less of an angry state of mind. As she sat on her throne, her anger practically radiating off of her form in waves, a single one of her servants stepped forward. Her brother, Kou, bowed politely and asked of her “I see that you are angry, your highness.” He stated, referring to her by status and not by blood “Is there something that can be done to quell your anger?” He asked, genuinely hoping for an answer that would return her to a much more acceptable mood. Mikan was silent for some time, as if considering what could be done. Sooner or later, she would surely come up with an idea. With the army having returned from crushing the red country’s resistance, the orange country certainly had much less on its plate to handle. At last, though, Mikan gave a response… but her words were not audible to Kou’s ears. He politely apologized for missing her request and asked if she would state it just once more.

“I want each and every woman with green hair in the green country killed.”

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