The Colors Universe

Tobi in Wonderland: An Experiment in Dreaming by Tyro

Characters: Tobi-han, Aoi-sama, Gin-sensei, Midori~n
Word Count: 713 words
Theme: Alice in Wonderland
Author Notes: :| I haven't written fic in so long orz ^^; Also I thought my sneaky acronym was amusing but really I'm mentally challenged

It was four in the morning when Tobi-han burst loudly through the door into the Colors household, and as such, not many people were impressed at his reasoning.

“It’s a white rabbit!” Tobi declared, opening the box which had been resting in his dirt encrusted hands. A fluffy white rabbit sat inside, not appearing too scared despite the obviously frightening ordeal it must have been through.

“This is the reason you’ve been gone all night?” asked Gin-sensei, who was wearing matching pyjamas with his lab coat pulled hurriedly over the top. Tobi nodded enthusiastically.
“And the reason he’s tracking dirt all through the house too,” added Midori. Tobi apparently didn’t notice the annoyance in her voice, as he nodded to her too.

“Is there a particular explanation for why you decided to acquire a rabbit, or can we go back to bed?” interjected Aoi-sama, still dressed in a pair of fine blue silk pyjamas..

“Of course there is! Why do you think I would got rabbit hunting all night for no reason? I’m not stupid, you know,” Tobi answered. Aoi muttered something under his breath which Tobi promptly ignored. “Haven’t you guys heard the story of Wonderland?” Tobi continued. “They say a white rabbit will lead you there.”

“Ignoring the fact that you’re talking about a completely fictional place, why on earth would you want to go to Wonderland?” asked Aoi-sama. Tobi grinned brightly.

“Adventure! Why else? Don’t you remember the garden of talking flowers or the unbirthday parties? Or the Red Queen’s castle? I love a castle, don’t you? They’re so fun to explore, and there’s always dungeons and secret passageways…”Tobi prattled on while Aoi, Midori and Gin looked at each other warily. Suddenly, Midori turned to Gin.

“You had something to do with this, didn’t you, Sensei?” she asked him suspiciously. Gin swallowed and brushed away a drop of sweat from his forehead.

“What makes you think that?” he laughed awkwardly, looking away from the green-haired girl. Midori glared at him, as did Aoi.

“She’s right, isn’t she?” Aoi continued. “You were babbling on last night about your new invention – what was it? – Dream Enhancing Resonance Pills, right?”

“And you gave some to Tobi, didn’t you!” Midori added angrily. “So it’s really YOUR fault that we’re up right now!”

“It’s not like that!” Gin-sensei replied hurriedly. “Tobi agreed to try them for me! It just appears I gave him too many - I’ll have to write this down…” The other two looked ready to kill Gin, who was scrawling on a notepad he had recovered from somewhere in his pyjamas. Aoi turned back to Tobi, eager to get this over with and back to sleep. The brown-haired boy was still talking about the features of the mysterious Wonderland, and apparently hadn’t noticed that the others hadn’t been listening for some time.
“Tobi, what were you doing before you went to bed last night?” he asked gently, rubbing his head in an effort to force his tiredness away.

“Reading,” answered Tobi, upset that his monologue had been interrupted.

“Reading what, specifically?”

“Alice in Wonderland.”

Aoi turned back to Gin with raised eyebrows. “There you go. Now, fix it, before I murder you and this kid.”

Gin held up his hands defensively. “It’ll be fine! He should just have to go back to sleep, without taking a pill. The part of his mind which controls his dreams should reset that way.”

Midori sat up from where she had slumped on the table, almost sleeping. “You heard them. Go to bed, Tobi.”

Tobi looked upset. “But what about Wonderland?”

“We’ll go when you wake up,” she answered. Tobi seemed happy enough at this answer and stumbled down the hallway to his room. Aoi stood up to leave. “Wait!” Midori said. “What about the rabbit?”

“We could cook it,” Aoi shrugged. Midori looked horrified. “I was joking. Gin can get rid of it.” Aoi picked up the box containing the rabbit and dropped it into Gin’s outstretched hands. “And don’t use it for your experiments.” Aoi left the room, quickly followed by Midori, leaving Gin-sensei with a white rabbit and no idea what to do with it.

On another note, that was also the day Gin-sensei also found out that he was allergic to rabbits.

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