The Colors Universe

The Potion by Skie

Characters: Everyone
Word Count: 2834 words
Theme: One time too many
Author Notes: By request; Midorin's a little too much of a prankster.

Gin-sensei's laboratory had always been a place with a mystical allure. The allure, though Gin would never admit it, actually came from a potion he had created that spilled into the ventilation ducts. Midorin didn't particularly care where the allure came from, she just knew it drew her to the lab rather often. Most of the time she was on the lookout for various different trinkets and gadgets that she could show off or use to tease others in the household. This time? This time, she was after a potion.

Gin was, after a long week of working, exhausted. He had spent every waking hour of his days working on his latest project and he had finally produced a batch that didn't spontaneously burst into flame when you tried to drink it. Certainly it was wonderful to have a self-lighting molotov cocktail, but tat was not the point of this potion. As he looked the glass over, he smiled. He was done. He fully intended to test it, but the need for sleep beckoned him first. Slowly, he trudged out of his laboratory to get some much needed shut-eye.

Midorin, meanwhile, had been waiting for just that. With a grin far more mischievous than any cat's own, Midorin snuck into the area that Gin had just vacated and took hold of the potion. She knew she couldn't take it all. She'd get caught far too easily. Instead, she carefully uncorked the bottle as she pulled out a small water bottle. She had emptied it and brought it along, just in case, and she was glad she had done so. Very carefully, she poured some of the potion into the bottle before closing both containers. With her mission complete, she fled from the lab as silently as she had entered. She would strike in the evening.

When evening came, Mikan was hard at work making dinner. It was finally her turn and she was determined to show off that her orange macaroni and cheese with actual tangerines and oranges in it was more delicious than normal macaroni and cheese. She would show them all! It was too easy, actually. She just said she was making delicious food and they all said they looked forward to it. She couldn't wait to see the looks on their faces!

Slowly sneaking into the kitchen, Midorin immediately set about putting her plans into motion. She pulled out several teacups and began making tea... though instead of using bags of tea, she used the potion she had swiped from Gin's lab. No one would know that this wasn't tea. It looked enough like tea. With a wide grin, she wondered how many she would target... Akai, Tobi, Aoi, Kou, and Gin without a doubt. She left Mikan and Murasaki out; they would share in her amusement of the situation.

At long last, dinner hit the table. Mikan had prepared a feast comprised of all orange recipes. Orange chicken, orange crisp green beans, orange slices coated in honey, mashed potatoes with orange sprinkles, orange tea, and secret orange meringue and mandarin pumpkin desserts. She was so very, very happy with her meal. She had no idea, however, that one of her dishes had been spiked. As the members of the colors household sat down, several of the thirstier members immediately grabbed at the tea and consumed it. Some nicely, some without manners. Immediately upon drinking, however, came a puff of smoke and a surprise afterward.

Midorin had secretly spiked the tea that Mikan had prepared. Little did she know, Mikan had prepared two batches of tea and that tea was randomly poured for members of the table. The spiked tea, unfortunately, went to four of the members of the household. The other four, thankfully, were safe. Midorin herself became a target; a reality that she was far from pleased with. As the smoke cleared from around her, she realized that she had become taller, more muscled, and... male. "ACK!"

Akai had been playing various rock instruments outside for hours on end. Most recently, he had given singing a try. The experience was fun, but unfortunately it left his throat rather parched and sore. Tea was just the thing he was in need of, especially orange tea. He felt that citrus had some kind of mysterious healing quality that always put him back on his feet. He wasn't a fan of any specific citrus, but he wasn't against any specific citrus either. Truthfully, if he had his way, he would love a blend of all of them; a citrus punch. As he drank his tea, a surprising sense of relief washed over him. He had never had any tea that caused smoke, but given that he lived in the same household as Gin, he wasn't surprised... until he realized that: one, his shirt felt rather tight; two, his pants felt rather loose; three, his hair seemed longer; and four, he felt very, very, very short. "This--" he began to speak, but the voice that came out was not his. It was high pitched. It was girly. "What?!"

The third victim was Tobi. He was always the most excited to try out the meals that the others in the colors household offered. Moreover, he was never disappointed in the food he ate. Beaming happily, he started with the tea... and immediately realized the effect that it had. Humorously, Tobi had indeed become a girl but he had luckily not been burdened with a large chest. Jumping to his her feet, she exclaimed "Woah, Mikan! Cool! Really cool!" before pausing. "And this voice. This voice is CUTE!"

The final victim was Midorin's number one target: Aoi-sama. He had taken his time with picking up his tea and taking a sip. Unfortunately for him, he was in the middle of a sip as the poofs of smoke began. The sudden happenings caused him to inadvertently swallow down more tea than he had expected which caused him, too, to poof into smoke. Coughing in a surprisingly girly way, Aoi waved at the air and had the reality very, very quickly dawn on him her. Boy parts? Gone. Girl parts? Get. Her face flushed red at the sudden change and she promptly stood and excused herself from the room. She didn't want to hear a word; not one.

"Look at THOSE!" Mikan pointed dramatically at Akai. "You're bigger than Murasaki, and she's HUUUUU--" Mikan's sudden fascination and focus on boobs was quickly cut off by both Midorin and Murasaki's hands. The two obviously didn't want to hear a word about how Akai, who until now had been male, suddenly far outclassed both of them in the boob category. Unbelievable. Mikan, meanwhile, was merely being super observant. She was curious and acutely aware of every change that had happened around her. "So hey, heeeey!" she exclaimed, at last freeing herself from the grasp of the two ladies "Why can't I talk about boo--bwbbhrjndsfkf"

Upon silencing Mikan, again, with the help of Murasaki, Midorin glanced around the room. Remaining now were four girls and three boys. It was amusing that the dynamic had completely switched. Normally it was the girls who were outnumbered, but now it was the boys; and she was one of them. Once more she was on the minority side. Amusingly, she was responsible for it. She should've been more careful with that potion. However, a bigger problem was becoming apparent. Her clothes didn't fit. Akai and Tobi were also in the same predicament. It was so very hard to wear clothes that no longer matched your body type. "I propose..." Midorin began, repeatedly coughing as she adjusted to her his new voice. "That we all go and change. I don't like how tight these clothes are and I don't want Akai and Tobi's clothes to fall off."

The group agreed and, after finishing their meals (except the tea), all dispersed to change. They did agree, however, to meet again in the common area. This wasn't over.

Kou, Mikan, Murasaki, and Gin were all the first in the common area. Considering that they had nothing else to do, they didn't mind meeting up first. They were all so very curious about the changes that had occurred, but all four knew exactly how it had happened. Their eyes were locked on Gin-sensei, for now.

"I promise" Gin began, feeling the need to apologize "that I did not put my potion in anyone's tea." He actively denied being a part of everything, but it was hard to convince the others when he himself had not been changed. "I would've changed myself if I had performed the experiment, and all of you, too! I like results!" he beamed, though that didn't help his case any.

"It wasn't me it wasn't me it wasn't me it wasn't me it wasn't me it wasn't me it wasn't me it wasn't me it wasn't me!" Mikan quickly blurted out, feeling that the atmosphere around was changing. They were out to find who did it, and she had been the one to cook dinner. Even she could tell that she could be suspected. Unfortunately, no one even glanced at her. She was innocent without even needing to say a word.

"The potion was yours, Gin. If you are not the culprit, then how did the potion fall into the hands of another?" Murasaki inquired, keeping her gaze locked on him. Even if he wasn't responsible for the act, he was responsible for allowing the potion to get out of his lab. What if it had been a more dangerous potion? What then? "It does not matter that it was not you. You created the potion and it is your responsibility to reverse the effects."

"Reverse th-- Of course!" Gin suddenly exclaimed, seeing the possibility of freedom and innocence at the end of the tunnel. If he did that, he'd be free of all accusations and able to continue experimenting. Moreover, he now knew the gender reversing potion worked like a charm! With a snap of his fingers, he grinned wide and exclaimed "Yes! I'll be back! Let me get the reversing potion!" before running off.

Just as he ran out, Kou looked up to see Akai, Midorin, and Tobi returning. It would seem, from the style of the clothes and from the green accents here and there, that Midorin had a bit of spare fashionable clothes laying around that could be used to clothe both Akai and Tobi. Subsequently it seemed, because of the red accents, that Akai had offered a few of his own articles of clothing to Midorin. Most of their original clothes, before they ran off to change, didn't fit them at all; so it made perfect sense for the three to have consulted amongst their wardrobes to find wearable clothes. It was an odd mismatch, but Kou had seen enough fashion around the internet to know that it wasn't bad at all. "Nice." he commented, simply, offering a thumbs up.

"Nice indeed!" Midorin exclaimed, wasting no time in sitting beside Kou. She was a man, for now, and there was nothing wrong with that. Akai had offered up a shirt to wear, as all of her original clothing was far too small for her larger, taller, male frame; as well as a set of shorts. The rest of the outfit she had pieced together on her own, with her own styles. It worked for her, though it definitely gave off a rebellious vibe. "And no more girly skirts!-- Sorry, Tobi."

Tobi flushed red. He had been expecting all kinds of comments, but the sudden focus on the fact that he, she, was in a skirt was a sudden reminder that he was definitely not a boy. There was all sorts of freedom to be had with this new form, especially with the fact that he hadn't been over-endowed like Akai. He was all sorts of happy that he didn't have to deal with and suffer the weight of such things, and more importantly he knew he wouldn't have any trouble running, jumping, climbing, or having any kind of adventure. The reminder about the skirt, however, brought his attention to the fact that he had to be careful about how he moved, how he climbed, how he acted; or else he'd be showing the world what was beneath that skirt. That was embarrassing.

Akai laughed at Tobi's reaction. There was a reason he chose to slip on a set of black jeans beneath the skirt he had been given. The skirt was short, and he didn't like that; but the breeze was what prompted him to grab the jeans. He didn't like the feel of air so far up his legs; especially when they were no longer male legs. That solution was easy; the solution to his chest problem was not. Murasaki was the largest among the Colors household and, by Midorin's estimation, not even what she had could help him with his overabundance of boob. Thus, by his own suggestion, they decided simply to use a wrap to keep them contained. It was a little tight, but it kept them from bouncing around in an insane manner. "Can I just lay down? Please?" he decided to ask, noting that there was plenty of space in the common area. It had been under an hour and already he was stressed and tired from the extra upper body weight.

Tobi and Akai shared a similar embarrassment at their new situation, but Midorin's apathy and almost excitement at her predicament struck Murasaki as odd. Midorin was so confident as a woman, so eager to challenge her and stand toe to toe with her on anything. She found it strange that she would so eagerly accept becoming a man, especially when changing back from this was still uncertain. "Midorin" Murasaki stated, calmly, before sending out her accusation "Why did you put Gin's potion in the tea?"

That felt like an arrow to the heart. How did she know? There was no time to think, no time to figure it out, and they hadn't even asked her any questions. It didn't make sense that she knew, she opened her mouth to deny it, but Murasaki gave a quick, cold snap that stopped her. Had Murasaki always been so intimidating, so fearsome and cold as a rival? It was strange, she thought. Why did this feel so much different when she was a man? Moreover, she felt more standoffish about it all. "What if I did? It's done, now." she stated coldly, trying to match Murasaki's icy glare "They're girls, I'm a boy, and--" as Midorin tried to get out the rest, hands closed around her, his, throat.

"Too far." Aoi spoke in the voice that seemed far too cute, too adorable for him her. Aoi, too, had taken the time to change, but the clothing that he was wearing was a shockingly fashionable design, decorated in various blues, and surprisingly fit Aoi's new body almost perfectly. It would seem that, somehow, Aoi had a stash of girlish clothes in reserve tailored to his needs; or perhaps the needs of a woman he would bring home. Regardless, he was the one wearing them now. He was the one who was the girl, and now he was the one who was angry. "Midorin. Do you know no bounds? I can't believe you would--"

Tobi, quick as ever, wrapped himself herself around Aoi and removed her from Midorin. Aoi didn't seem as strong as a girl, but she seemed twice as angry. That calm and collected demeanor had been affected by the change, without a doubt, and Aoi put up a struggle when removed from Midorin; but more shockingly, looked as if she was going to cry. "Calm down, calm down, Aoi-sama!" Tobi tried to console Aoi.

Mikan, too, joined in and pulled Aoi into a hug. She didn't want to be a boy, so she could only imagine how bad it was for Aoi who probably didn't want to be a girl. This was all too... not fun. Thankfully, instead of fighting it, Aoi accepted the hug and seemed to relax. This was all... crazy. Why would Gin even--

"Hiyah!" Gin suddenly shouted as he ran back into the room. More unsettling than his sudden arrival was the fact that he was holding what looked like a super soaker squirt gun. With a wide grin, he aimed and shot Akai full-on in the face with the gun. A sudden poof of smoke later left Akai sitting on the floor, male again. "Science prevails!" Gin exclaimed, locking the gun on Midorin next. "For science!" he shouted, and fired. He repeated this again, shooting Aoi, and then again, shooting Tobi.

One or two harsh scoldings for Midorin and Gin happened afterward, but overall, the sudden gender switching evening was left in memories. It was an adventure, but perhaps a little too much adventure.

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