The Colors Universe

The Heist by Skie

Characters: Aoi-sama
Word Count: 1,295 words
Theme: Seeing is believing
Author Notes: More of Aoi-sama, this time!

“You must be joking.” Aoi scoffed, practically glaring into his closet. “Are there no depths that they will not sink to?”

What Aoi was seeing, that we will spare you the mental trauma of describing, was nothing short of a nightmare in place of his normally exquisite, pristine collection of formal clothing. His best suits, shirts, slacks, ties, and even a single zippered hoodie that he had a certain attachment to from his childhood were all stored within that closet. But now, as he stood staring into it, a particular rage built up within him; though, being the man that he was, anger was unbefitting of one in a high position such as his and he appropriately dismissed the anger without another thought. Regardless of how it happened or why, Aoi knew had to retrieve what was his. He departed his room to find the culprits.

Six hours earlier, while Aoi slept beneath the softest down comforter while in his impressive four-poster bed, a certain three individuals snuck into his room. The first was a particularly young looking girl who had a constant aura of citrus and mischief surrounding her. Some would call it a disastrous combination, but it had certainly served her well throughout all the things she had done. The second was a girl with a particular flair about her and the strangest of green clothing adorning her form. She didn’t particularly care about what was right, what was wrong, what was expected, and what shouldn’t happen. She only wanted to have fun. The third individual was the newest arrival to the household and was immediately prepared to join in on any ‘adventure’, so he called it, which occurred within. Outwardly, he definitely looked like someone who would prefer climbing a up the side of a cliff instead of finding a hill to hike up, and his personality was just the same; if it came down to the risky choice or the safe choice, you could bet that he’d go with risky.

All three of the troublemakers were well aware of what would happen if they did anything in this room, but yet they were there anyway.

As Aoi slept, the three carefully snuck into his closet and began plucking one article of clothing out after another. Trusting in Tobi’s strength, Midorin and Mikan tasked him with bringing the clothing to their “designated hiding spot”, though he outright refused to carry any less or any more than seven at a time. While they were moving the clothing, Midorin occasionally snuck away from the closet to try catching a glance of Aoi’s “sleeping face” as she called it, apparently on the lookout for any kind of blackmail material that she could use against him. Though the chance was slim, she had to try.

After the three spent nearly ten minutes of moving clothing, seven pieces at a time, the closet was finally empty; though Midorin had to make the last trip that had only four pieces. The three peered into Aoi’s now-empty closet and thought about what to do next. Both Midorin and Mikan’s thoughts were interrupted when Tobi spoke up with an idea… and the three spent a bit of time putting that idea into action.

Back in the present, Aoi stepped into the common area in search of the culprits of the absolutely unforgiveable atrocity that had occurred in his room. Glancing around, his gaze drifted over Akai, Kou, and Murasaki; all three were individuals that he, admittedly, knew would not wrong him in such a manner. Akai was generally a well-rounded individual and wasn’t one for childish stunts; though he was slightly rough around the edges and had a fashion sense that Aoi didn’t agree with, it didn’t mean that they couldn’t get along. Kou was, without a doubt, the one in the household that outright knew his place. Aoi was constantly pleased that Kou referred to him properly, showed him the appropriate respect, and never stepped out of line; and as a result of that, Aoi was always willing to offer a favor to the young man; though, unknown to Aoi, this behavior was intentional… because Kou needed to have connections, especially in high places. Lastly was Murasaki, who Aoi admittedly knew very little about. She had, since arriving, shown him a great deal of respect and was constantly presenting herself in a perfectly elegant manner. For that reason he, upon being asked, was more than happy to oblige her request that he join her for an evening meal; she was definitely someone that he didn’t mind being around. An elegant woman such as herself wouldn’t be responsible for a situation such as this.

Removing the three in the room from the list of suspects left three in question. Given their past interactions, Aoi knew that either Midorin and Mikan could be, or both could be, responsible for this. The new individual to the household, Tobi, could be a culprit as well… but he was far too new for Aoi to get a good idea about.

Moving slowly to the kitchen, Aoi spotted the smallest glimpse of green disappearing behind the corner and confirmed his suspicions. Not only was Midorin involved, but she was also hiding from him. With a most unprofessional scowl on his face, Aoi turned the corner into the kitchen… only to be greeted by Midorin, to his great surprise, who was standing right in front of him with her hands on her hips. Tobi and Mikan, humorously, were hiding behind her.

“Something I can help you with, Aoi?” Midorin asked without a single bit of respect that Aoi felt he was entitled to.

“Sama.” He promptly stated.

“Okay. Something I can help you with, Sama?” Midorin smirked as she retorted, getting a great amount of satisfaction from the reaction she witnessed immediately strike Aoi’s features.

“You, and your band of little misfits, will return my clothing to me.” Aoi stated, still looking incredibly displeased. “I will consider a less severe punishment for the two behind you, but you, Midorin, will receive as extreme of a punishment as I can give that would befit someone of your… stature.”

Brushing aside the overly formal short joke that Aoi had made, Midorin continued smirking. “I suppose you’ll have to figure that out after you get your clothes out of the tree.”

“…I am quite certain that it will not be I who will be obtaining those clothes.” Aoi shifted his cold scowl, which was easily capable of creating glaciers in even the warmest waters, down to Mikan and Tobi; who both were out the door to do as demanded as quickly as their feet could carry them. “… And I am quite certain that this week will be miserable for you, Midorin. You’ll soon learn why you should show me the proper respect.”

“Is that so?” Midorin’s smirk hadn’t diminished in even the slightest, and that was beginning to unnerve him. Normally, as Aoi remembered, he could best Midorin in any argument. He would gain the upper hand and triumph over her… style, as she called it.

“Why are you still smirking? Stop it. Stop it this instant.” Aoi demanded.

“Look in the mirror.”

Aoi responded to Midorin’s remark with only silence before he turned to the side, catching a glance of his own face in the kitchen mirror, and his scowl was quickly replaced with a look of absolute horror.

Midorin took the chance to flee before Aoi could get his bearings again, and she was quite sure that things would be significantly more entertaining in the household from that point on.

They say “seeing is believing”, but to Aoi, who was seeing the horror that had been done unto him, was quite reluctant to believe it.


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