The Colors Universe

Mikan-tan, the fashionista by Dara

Characters: Mikan-tan
Word Count: 1034 words
Theme: Oh My
Author Notes: N/A

"No No Mikan-tan, there is no way that is going to happen. You could pray for hours and hours but I'm never going to do it. No way. No chance. Not gonna happen." Akai-san told his younger sibling, as she pestered him about something, like she typically did. While Akai-san was pretty mellow and collected, being drove to near insanity by Mikan-tan was not something he had planned on happening today. Fall had just started, and he had some important chores to take care of. The leaves were beginning to fall off the trees, a bit early in his opinion, but it didn't matter.

"But Akai-saaaaaan!" Mikan-tan cried, starting to cling to his forearm, dragging his body downward. Akai-san just sighed and placed the rake to his side. If she kept clinging to him like this, there was no way he could possibly rake the leaves. Gently nudging her off, he crouched down to her level.

"I thought I told you no." Akai-san told her, trying to force a smile. His patience was wearing with the girl, and he was attempting all the methods of being a kind older brother type as possible.

"But no one will do it! I asked Gin-sensei, and he said something about probabilities and that it was a 0% chance he'd ever do this. Kou-kun kept asking about vests and if he could wear one, which definitely wouldn't work. Tobi-han went on an adventure, and I'm pretty sure Aoi-sama and Murasaki-dono are off shopping. The last remaining is Midori~n, but you know her! This isn't something she would even consider. Don't you understand? I need you to do this! It's for... a project!" Mikan-tan began to sniffle, trying her typical ways to get her way.

Akai-san noticed the tears were beginning to fall, and he could never say no when someone was beginning to cry. He cursed his personality under his breath and patted Mikan-tan on the head. Shaking his head, he grinned a bit, to show that he wasn't angry with her and was giving into her. Her personality began to brighten up, and Akai-san wiped the tears that were staining her face.

"Don't cry anymore all right? I've reconsidered your request... and I'll do it. Can't say I'll like it, but I'll do it. Just don't give me that look ever again, got it?"

Mikan-tan nodded and turned around, leading Akai-san back into the house. With her back turned to Akai-san, she smirked and a gleam appeared in her eyes. Akai-san was so easy to manipulate, and not to mention, gullible. Mikan-tan's plan was coming to fruition... whatever it was.

The two arrived into the house and entered into Mikan-tan's room. She motioned for Akai-san to sit on the bed for now, as she retreated to the hallway and went into another room. Akai-san could hear a bunch of rustling and worried that she was going to break something. Standing up, Akai-san peeked out of the door.

"Hey! Go back into my room!" Mikan-tan shouted back to him, placing her arms on her hips and pouting.

"All right All right. I was just making sure that you weren't hurting yourself or anything. Didn't want anything to break."

Heaving a sigh, Akai-san returned back into Mikan-tan's room and sat back on the bed. He whistled a tune from the radio and waited patiently for Mikan-tan to finish up. This was taking longer than he wanted.

"All right! I'm about to come inside but you have to close your eyes all right? Keep your eyes closed the whole time and I'll tell you when you can open them all right?"

Akai-san just shrugged and closed his eyes. He heard the door open and Mikan-tan's foot steps echoed in the room. Something was dragging on the floor, which he recognized as material. Maybe she had clothes or something. She was probably wanting to play dress up again. Akai-san didn't mind as long as no one saw. If anyone saw whatever she had dressed him in, he could never live it down.

It took about an hour and an half to finish, but Mikan-tan finally finished dressing up Akai-san. She kept her hands over his eyes and lead him down the stairs. He stumbled and tripped and almost didn't make it. The clothes he was wearing tangled between his legs and made him want to die.

"What do you have me in...?" Akai-san groaned, clinging to the railing of the stairs.

"Oh nothing nothing. I'll let you see when we get into the living room. It's really nice and I think it turned out fine. My greatest work yet!" Mikan-tan shouted, pumping her fist into the air.

Entering the living room, Akai-san heard voices chattering. He recognized each and every voice, those being his fellow Colors members. Suddenly feeling nervous, he tried to break out of Mikan-tan's grip, but she was stronger than he had anticipated. Instead, she continued to hold onto his arm and show case him.

"Introducing..." Mikan-tan began to speak, pushing Akai-san in front of her. He nearly fell again with the weight of the clothes, and finally opening his eyes. Mikan-tan held onto his arm still, and continued to speak. "Introducing Akai-san 2.0! I borrowed some of Murasaki-dono's dresses and make up, and made an outfit especially for him!"

Akai-san caught a glimpse of himself in the mirror and nearly died. Mikan-tan had dressed him in a purple kimono, given him purple eye shadow, lip stick, and mascara. The makeup was all smeared onto his face, as Mikan-tan didn't know how to put it on. Glitter was all over his face, sparkling every second. Around his arms were a bunch of bangles and bracelets and his fingers had all sorts of rings. Mikan-tan was quite proud of her creation, thinking he looked like the most beautiful thing in the world. Instead, he looked as if he had walked out of a bad drag queen show.

Everyone in the Colors household was speechless. Murasaki-dono was trying her hardest not to tackle Akai-san to the ground and pummel him to death. The others bit their lips to keep from laughing.

"Oh My..." Aoi-sama finally said, shaking his head in disapproval.

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