The Colors Universe

The Colors Choice Awards by Aniki

Characters: Everyone + Special Guest
Word Count: 501 words
Theme: Fourth place
Author Notes: I really want to make Mystery Rainbow Juice X a meme!

It was Midorin's moment of glory.

The Colors Choice Awards just started, players from the Colors games were about to vote for their favorite person of the Colors Universe. The green-haired girl was nervous, she decided to wear a black dressed that was a bit scratched on the sides. She wanted to be formal but informal, of course, she needed to keep herself in character. She could see Aoi-sama frowning at the slowness of the show and Gin-sensei getting drunk in some sort of multicolored liquid and forcing Kou-kun to take a sip. Mikan-tan was very nervous, the genki girl was biting her nails in impatience meanwhile Akai-san scolded her and was telling her to keep her cool down. Tobi-han was in charge of broadcasting, if he could get the award but at the moment he was in charge of the recording of the whole program. Murasaki-dono was the most calm of the lot, she was petting Kurocchi and Shirocchi so both wouldn't be startled from the screams of the crowd.

The awards for Best Trader, Best Player and Best Deck Masterer were given, it was very surprising how this year they were very packed compared to the other. Of course, the number of players increased so more awards and seats had to be done. Right after the Best Mod award, it was time for the Best Colors Universe Person award to be given. The one that was in charge of reading the votes was none other than Lucathia, the big boss. The tension could be smelled in the air.

"In behalf of the Colors TCG players, after counting the votes we have all decided that the best person in the Colors Universe is..."

A drumroll started playing (courtesy of Tobi-han as well, how does this man even multitask?), everyone was bracing themselves on their seats. Midorin and Aoi-sama exchanged cocky glances full of rivalry, both were too prideful to accept a defeat so both were confident of their win. Lucathia finally opened the envelope containing the name everyone had been waiting for...

"The Best Colors Universe Person is..."

Midorin grew impatient, she just wanted to know.

"Oh wow, we have a tie!"

Midorin and Aoi-sama then looked at each other, both smirked thinking that it was evident that both were #1. Why of course, who else could it be?

"So, the Best Colors Universe Persons are... Well, not exactly 'persons' per se buuuuuut... KUROCCHI AND SHIROCCHI!!"

Midorin was in shock, even more in shock when she saw that she actually got ranked in 4th Place.

"Well, no one resists the power of cute mascots!" Mikan added as she applauded to the cute critters getting the trophy.

In the end, Midorin looked at Aoi-sama in disappointment.

"Say, wanna get a drink? I just can't be here..."

"Yeah, let's just drink and forget this happened..."

Both then stood up and after snatching a bottle full of Mystery Rainbow Juice X from Gin-sensei, they decided to leave to cure their broken pride while drinking.

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