The Colors Universe

Television (Part 2) by John

Characters: Aoi-sama (minor appearances by everyone else)
Word Count: 235 words
Theme: None~
Author Notes: None~

Aoi-sama turned on the TV. He couldn’t wait for her favorite show to begin! It was the time of the week that He loved most. During the day, he went through the tedious process of reminding each one of his friends that this was his TV time and nobody else’s! He wouldn’t let anyone get in the way of him seeing his favorite show. Once it began, he shooed all of his friends out of the room. Nobody would disturb him while he watched this show. Plus, Aoi-sama had a secret! This show always got gun really riled up and super excited. He’s always on the edge of his seat screaming at the TV, and this week wasn’t any different. The big difference this week was his friends’ curiosity finally got the best of them. Each of them found a place to hide where the living room was in view, and they waited and watched as Aoi-sama began his weekly screaming match with the TV. They saw how animated he got, as opposed to his usual calm and collected persona. This went on for well over an hour until the show came to an end, then each friend scattered and Aoi-sama turned off the TV. Stretching and yawning, he slowly walked upstairs, not being able to get to his bed fast enough, as he was ready to sleep and wait for another week until the next episode.

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