The Colors Universe

Television (part 1) by John

Characters: Akai-san, Mikan-tan, Kou-kun, Midori~n
Word Count: 727 words
Theme: none
Author Notes: none

Akai-san turned on the TV. His favorite show was on! He couldn’t be more excited, and he even appeared to be a young child as he watched intently. The screen lit up the dark room as he ran to the kitchen on the commercial break to make some popcorn. Upon his return, the last commercial had just finished and he resumed concentrating only on the television, ignoring everything else around him. He would not be disturbed. He laughed occasionally, but his face remained still for the most part as he the show he was watching pulled to a close. He enjoyed the show very much! Afterwards, he decided to go online and find any communities related to the show, so he could discuss the events of the episode! He loved feeling more a part of the community for the show he loved so much! It was exciting and rewarding! After posting his thoughts and opinions on the episode, he waited around for some replies, discussed it with a few others who were online, and then shut his computer down. He was tired and needed some sleep; his eyes drifted closed as he thought about the exciting events of the show.

Mikan-tan turned on the TV. Her favorite show was on! She had exhausted herself from taunting all of her friends and pulling pranks on them throughout the day, and now it was time to yell at the television as she glared at anyone who threatened to change the channel. Nobody was going to come between her and this show. She had waited all week for this, and nothing and nobody was going to stop her. She would kill anyone who tried. She watched everything intently, not even letting the smell of dinner distract her. Her friends were amazed at her sheer devotion she held for this particular show. Even they’d allow themselves a small break for food, drinks, and the bathroom. Mikan-tan, however, wouldn’t even let that stop her. She used the commercial breaks to liveblog her thoughts online and used a chatroom to find out her friends’ thoughts as well! As far as she was concerned, this was normal behavior for something she loved so much. She finished her show in bliss as she went to her room and fell asleep afterwards, dreaming of the pranks she could pull on everyone the following day.

Kou-kun turned on the TV. His favorite TV show was on! He had been jumping in joy and cheering all day long, and the long-awaited moment had finally begun. He was finally sitting in front of the screen watching what he dreamed about every single day. He was just going to live in the moment and enjoy every second of the show he had on. He laughed at the abundance of humorous parts; he cried at the numerous tragic scenes; he got angry when something bad happened; he yelled when an antagonist got ahead. The show he watched gave him a variety of emotions, but he kept glued to the TV until the end. His thoughts were usually shared with the friends around him. He didn’t like going online too much, but his friends listened intently until he was finished talking; that is until next week. His excitement was enough for one week, and he’d probably rewatch the show a few more times over the week anyways.

Midori~n turned on the TV. Her favorite show was on! She’d casually made snacks all day preparing for a party she planned with her friends to watch the show together. She was eagerly getting all the snacks out when the doorbell rang and the first of her friends arrived. As the half hour trickled on, the rest of her friends arrived and they enjoyed debating the events of the show together. It was rather entertaining discussing and debating the actions and decisions made by each character throughout the episode. She particularly loved this sense of the show – it allowed her to feel more involved to know the characters better. Knowing why they act the ways they do is key in understanding how deep a show’s writing goes, and Midori~n loves the richness of the storyline in the show! After the show, her friends left and she decided to wait for the next week until she could debate and discuss the show again for another episode.

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