The Colors Universe

Surprise, Surprise! by Chuu

Characters: Mostly Aoi-sama, Murasaki-dono, Mikan-tan, Midori~n, Gin-sensei, Akai-san later on
Word Count: 1,998 words
Theme: Noisy, noisy? Though to be honest, I just rolled with an idea earlier sob
Author Notes: This was mostly inspired from visiting a friend's house a few months back. She had a new pet who was a few months old, and liked to play with various objects, so my motivation was drawn from that. Thing is, I started the fic about a month ago and stopped at about 381 words. But I only got writing the rest of it yesterday and today for it. Hope it's not too horrible everyone enjoys!

To Aoi-sama, not many things impressed him. Whether it'd be his taste in music, his food, or his wardrobe, he had a particular choosing for what he'd prefer. Everything, in his mind, had to be perfect for him. He's the type to never settle for less. If there was anything out of place or even the tiniest item that is not to his liking, he will try to get rid of it. Even the members of the Colors Household were aware of this. There was no doubt in their minds that Aoi was quite the snob when it comes to living standards.

There was a time however, where he had made an exception.

One morning, he was walking outside on his way to do his usual grocery shopping for the house. He was carefully double-checking the list of ingredients needed for tonight's dinner as he walked along, as it was his night to cook.

"All right, so in order to make curry tonight, I would need milk, carrots, onions, potatoes, curry powder, and me- What was that?"

A loud rumbling of trash cans near an alleyway was heard. Aoi quickly checked to see if anything was there. Lifting up some of the lids from the trash, he only saw nothing more than rubbish with flies hovering over it. There was a nasty aroma lingering, so strong, that Aoi-sama scrunched up his nose without even sniffing at it.

"That is such a foul smell. I can hardly see, let alone would want to smell anything in this wretched area." he complained. "For all we know it could be just rats." He thought. Rats and raccoon do have a tendency to horde all the disgusting trash that was piling in the alleyway after all. He quickly put the lids back down, held in his breath and nose, and kept on walking.

Not to his knowledge though, there was a tiny stranger amidst one of the trash cans. It had a silky like ivory coat, with dark-brown dipped paws and tail. Its' face was splotched with the same shade of brown, but also had big blue eyes. The creature had a scrawny stature, and appeared very young, with pointy ears. It had noticed the man in the blue cape and started to trail from afar.

As Aoi-sama walked along his merry way to the market, the small creature quietly sneaked from behind, trying not to get noticed by the tall brute. Whenever Aoi-sama turned his head around, the small animal would hide behind the nearest item that it could find, not leaving any sign of its being there. Naturally, the creature tried to sneak behind on his right side. It had been observant enough to notice that man appeared to only see with one eye.

"...Wait." Aoi-sama stopped for a moment. The small animal startled and then hide behind another bush, hoping he didn't notice the pacing from behind him.

"Ah- Right. I have to purchase Mikan's monthly shoujo magazine." He thought to himself. He continued to walk along, with the little creature stalking from a distance.

When he finally got to the grocer's market, he went over to the entrance and picked up a shopping basket. The tiny animal following behind, started to not only follow him in but...

"What in bloody.... hell? A cat?" Aoi stared at the kitten from inside the market. The small cat had started to mew at him.

"You little rascal!! Shoo! Shoo! You don't belong in this vicinity!" Aoi scolded the kitten. This was no place or time to have any stray animals trailing into a grocer's market let alone any store.

The kitten however reacted, rebelliously. Not only did it mew even louder but also attracted attention from nearby shoppers. This does not sit well for a guy who's already notable for his lanky height, long blue hair, and his eyepatch.

"Calm down, little cat. Calm down now. Calm down..." He approached the kitten with a subtle and calm tone. The kitten stopped mewing, perked up, and looked at the man innocently. Its bright blue eyes were staring back at the dark blue tone of the human's single visible eye.

"Right, so. Supermarkets don't allow for pets, especially if they are little noisy ones like you. Please try to stay clear of the other humans about, and keep yourself well hidden." Aoi whispered to the kitten.

The kitten in turn, tilted its head instead, confused of what he just said.

"Sigh." He facepalmed. Of course, it's an animal. It couldn't understand human talk even if you tried to communicate your words slowly.

"Just... come here, and hide in this." Aoi threw his cape at the little furball, carefully wrapped him in it, and stuffed him in the basket. The tiny kitten in turn scrambled around in the shopping basket, wondering why it's been put in quite a position.

"Shh..." Aoi then tried to shush the feline again, but this time it had fallen asleep after running around aimlessly.

"Oh- my word!" He had noticed the time then, and quickly got to looking for the ingredients he needed, kitten in tow. Just in case the cat might accidentally wake up, Aoi carefully moved the kitten from a basket to a shopping cart. As soon as he got and purchased the items he needed, he quickly pushed the cart out the door.

"Close call. Seriously, a close call." Aoi was relieved no one else in the grocer's market noticed the tiny creature mewing inside the store. I mean, if they did, people would have questions about him bringing in a pet he didn't own into the store now would they?

The little cat, still in the cart, had awoken after they both had gotten out of the store, and started to squirm around again. Unveiling itself from Aoi's cape, it cheerfully purred at the tall, pony-tailed human.

"You're ... really a little brat who's just as hyper as that brown caveman, aren't you?" Aoi scratched his head. Really, the cat should at least be a little more civilized. A cat of all creatures would know that, he thought.

The creature only mewed in response.

"Okay, the fiasco is now over, cat." Aoi started up his lecture and made an intense glare at the kitten while packing his groceries into paper bags. "We're both out of the store. I'll be letting you go now and you better go back to your mother. Don't you be following me, got i- Why am I even trying to lecture a cat?" He just really wanted to get the cat off his own "tail".

The tiny cat continued to meow and stare at the irritated Aoi.

"What do you want now, cat? Ugh." Aoi-sama was pretty much restless from having to deal with such a pest.

"Never mind. Good bye and see you never." Carrying his grocery bags, he had already stormed off.

When Aoi had finally reached the house, he placed the bags of groceries for a moment and rang the door bell.

"Oh my you're home, already?" Murasaki answered the door. "I'm very grateful you were able to buy all those ingredients and still volunteer to cook dinner for us. You're such a gentleman, you know that?"

"Well it's a promise and I'm just doing what I am just scheduled to do." Aoi-sama made a gracious bow to the lady. "Though there was a small vermin that chose to make quite a fuss on the way."

"You mean, that one right behind you? Playing with your attire?" Murasaki pointed out. The kitten that he thought had left at the grocer's market was right behind him dangling at his boot zippers. "He's quite a darling actually. I wonder what kind of trouble he made, the poor thing."

"Tch-" Aoi couldn't make any remarks on it, as it would be improper to act rudely in front of a woman. Well any woman that is not Midori~n anyways. He decided to be shut his mouth and tried to ignore the little cat.

"Oh my god, kitty!!" A Mikan suddenly came running from the hallway to the front door to greet the unexpected guest. "Can we keep him, please please?"

"Please please please, Mr. Big, Tall and brutal woman?" Midori~n, being the eavesdropper that she is, was also looking over at the new kitten Aoi-sama had accidentally brought home.

"Oh shush you. You're the last person I'd want to hear saying that." Aoi pouted. There's no way he could live this up if everyone kept on pleading him. "And I'm not a woman."

"Sure, Ms. I need my beauty rest or else I'll be grouchy all day even though I'm grouchy to begin with." Midori~n retorted. "Though I have to say.... if I'm last.... what would make Mikan? First? 2nd? 3rd? A millionth and a half?" She started to smirk at the guy. He was the best target when it comes to teasing.

"Just...never mind. I never intended for this kitten to follow me nor have it stay. You remember what happened to the puppy, Mikan." Aoi stared at the short twin-tailed girl.

"But, but-!" Mikan made a gaze at Aoi, with the biggest wimpering and innocent looking face ever. "He looks so cold, lost, and lonely. And he'd probably want someone to cuddle up to him, take care of him, and everything!"

"It's actually a girl." Gin-sensei, bewildered about what's been happening above, came upstairs from his lab to check up on the other members. "I do say though, the little feline seems to be orphaned. It would be a bad thing to let her be on her own."

"Right, right?" Mikan agreed with Gin-sensei's opinion. After all, there were never enough animals to go around for her. They had Kurocchi and Shirocchi sure, but most times, they're just playing with themselves or playing tricks on other people.

"No, no. I refuse. Mikan wouldn't know how to take care of such a thing. And where would it sleep? How would we feed it?" Aoi crossed his arms. The wretched cat was annoying already, he didn't want to handle it more than he already did.

"If you think Mikan isn't capable of being responsible for a pet, why don't you?" Akai-san came walking right in on the conversation. "Sorry, I was actually in the kitchen to grab a coke but overhearing the conversation, it does seem like we've run into quite a turn of events."

"Yeah. No kidding, Mr. Obvious." Aoi remarked at the younger man. "We already have a full house, I don't see how a cat would be able to live in these quarters."

"So says the PMSer that needed a whole entire room to himself and requested to have one of the bigger rooms in the house when we first planned it. I highly doubt you'd have no room." Midori~n countered back at the brute man.

"But- I I- uh." Aoi stuttered, not knowing what else to say. "All right. All right. We'll be keeping... Zi- I mean the cat."

You mean, Zippers?" Mikan tilted her head. "Is that what you're trying to say, Aoi-niitama?"

"Yes, yes! Now get out of my face, all of you! I need to put away the groceries and start cooking dinner. Curry is on me. So please, do go back to doing your usual things until then!" shouted an embarassed Aoi. His face had turned to red with embarassment as he quickly picked up the bags of ingredients, passed out the shoujo magazine to Mikan and zoomed straight to the kitchen to start cooking dinner.

"Well it never hurts to see a different side of him." Midori~n chuckled. "Isn't that right, Zippers?" She picked up the kitten and stroked her, as Zippers purred away.

"It was one of those times where he not only agreed to keep her, but also it's notable how attached he might have been to the feline." Gin smiled cheerfully. "Quite an exception indeed."

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