The Colors Universe

Sunset by Harumi

Characters: Akai-san, Mikan-tan, Kou-kun
Word Count: 1,041 words
Theme: Painting is fun
Author Notes: I was inspired to write this today right after I was sitting outside looking at a sunset XD

Every member of the Colors Universe was unique to the other. Each had their own special likes and dislikes, quirks and hobbies. They really were all different like the colors of the rainbow. But if there’s one thing they all shared in common was that they all loved to paint. They were representation of colors after all so it would be blasphemous if they didn’t.

Mikan-tan happily sat outside humming a small tune to herself as she dipped her brush in one of the many containers of paint she had. She dipped it in orange first of course, then made a couple of smooth lines on her newly fresh canvas.

“Mikan-tan? Oh, there you are!” Kou-kun merrily skipped up to the young girl. “Ohh are you painting today? Awesome! May I ask what you’re painting?”

“Oh hi Kou-kun! Yes I am, though I don’t really know what I should paint, I thought if I made a few strokes on the canvas I would figure it out eventually.” She said with confidence in her voice. Although Mikan was having fun playing around with her favorite color, it wouldn’t really matter if she couldn’t think of anything.

Kou accepted her answer and sat on the bench next to her marveling at her smooth paint strokes. Watching how she professionally kept the paint from bleeding. She was young but she was a skilled artist, thought Kou-kun.

“Say, why don’t you paint with me Kou-kun? I have lots of paint to spare!” The orange-haired girl said, happily beaming at Kou while offering him one of her paint brushes. “You can paint right on the canvas with me, maybe we can both figure out what to draw.”

“Seriously? I’d love to! Thank you Mikan-tan!” The blonde-haired boy gratefully took the paintbrush and dipped it in none other than yellow paint and made a few paint strokes on top of her orange paint, making a lovely new mix of color.

The two sat together just filling the canvas with the two colors, laughter and giggles filled the yard and it didn’t take a lot of time for them to start somewhat of a mess. Kou-kun had some orange paint on his nose and some yellow on his arms and pants, while Mikan-tan matched him with paint of her face and clothes too. But they didn’t mind, they were having too much fun.

“Yo, what are you guys doing out here?” Akai-san poked his head out from the glass-screened door that faced the patio outside where the two were painting.

“Oh Akai-san! We’re painting!” Kou-kun replied to him.

“Well, we were painting, but I think we started to paint ourselves.” The young girl said sheepishly.

Akai walked up to the two and first looked at them and how they were covered in paint but both smiling up at him like two puppies who just got into trouble but were wriggling their way out of it. Then he turned to the painting. It was a blend of orange and yellow that were harmoniously covering the canvas, it almost looked like a sea of waves, except this sea wasn’t blue.

“Not bad you too, it looks pretty good.” Akai said cooly. “What were you guys painting anyway?”

“Uhhhhh” Both of the younger members said in unison.

“We’re not sure yet actually, we’ve never figured it out, but its tons of fun just playing with the paint, don’t you think so?”

“Would you like to join us Akai-san? Please?” Kou begged him and handed him a brush. “We promise we won’t cover you in paint!”

“Too much!” Ringed in Mikan-tan then giggled.

The red head passed a hand through his hair and sighed. He loved painting just as all the other members did, but he wasn’t sure if he wanted to get paint on his new vest. But it was also hard to say no to the two kids, seriously, he was way too nice. “Alright, alright, give me that brush.” He finally answered. “Scoot over.” He sat down in the middle of the two and grabbed the container with red paint and dipped his brush in it.

He proceeded to blend the red paint with the orange and yellow that was already there. To be honest he had no idea what he was painting either but like what Mikan said earlier it was a lot of fun just putting paint to canvas.

The hours passed and the day was slowly coming to an end. The sun was just starting to set and the air was starting to get cool. Akai-san actually really enjoyed himself today, even if they were only making meaningless brush strokes. Color was just so amazing.

“Well you guys, I think it’s about time we went inside now, it’s starting to get dark.” The older member said to the two. He stood up and stretched, trying to get the kinks out of his back from all the hours of painting. Groans could be heard from the other two, they had such a fun day, they wished they could stay out a little longer….

“Come on now, we can always paint some more tomorrow, besides, I think we missed dinner.” Kou-kun perked up at the prospect of food. He looked small but he loved to eat. “Ah, okay Akai-san.” Mikan-tan got up and started to pack her supplies. Just then she looked toward the sky. A beautiful sunset was covering the entire sky. It consisted of swirls of orange, yellow, and red, and….hey…wait a minute.

The young girl quickly turned to her canvas, then back to the sky again. “Guys! Look at this!” The two males turned around wondering what Mikan wanted them to see.

As soon as they turned around the automatically knew what Mikan was trying to point out. The painting that the three of them worked on all day looked exactly like the sunset that was out right now.

“Wow, it’s beautiful! The sunset is pretty too.” Kou-kun said cleverly. “It looks like we did figure out what to paint after all, even if it was unintentional.” Mikan-tan said with a smile on her face. “Thanks you guys.”

The two boys looked at her and smiled. “You’re welcome” said Kou-kun. “Painting is fun after all.”

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