The Colors Universe

Springtime by Harumi

Characters: Murasaki-dono
Word Count: 236 words
Theme: Spring
Author Notes: N/A

The warm sunlight trickled through the curtain-dressed windows, different patterns created by the sunlight were decorating the room. The light finally made its way towards the queen-sized bed in the corner, shining on delicate eyelids as it stirred the occupant of the room awake.

Murasaki-dono gently rubbed her eyes, getting adjusted to the morning light. She sat up and let out a yawn and then put on her slippers and walked towards the window. She pulled her curtains back and opened the window, finally letting her entire room be illuminated.

“It’s such a beautiful morning” she mused. She peeked outside where she saw the remnants of snow finally melting away, leaves and flowers were beginning to appear on trees and bushes. The birds were singing more cheerfully and everything just seemed more livelier.

“It must be spring already, everything looks like its being reborn again!” Truth be told, springtime was Muraski’s favorite season of all. She loved spending her time outside with nature all around her. She had a special spot out south from the Colors House where she would either take walks or sit out and read a book. She just enjoyed the beauty and elegance of spring, it fit her personality quite well.

“Well what am I doing just standing in here, time to go enjoy the day!” And with that she dashed off to brush up, eat breakfast and spend some time outside.

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