The Colors Universe

Some Halloween Shopping by Mnemosyne

Characters: Akai-san, Mikan-tan, Kou-kun
Word Count: 717 words
Theme: Candy
Author Notes: I wasn't expecting this to be more than 300 words. So used to writing short stuff. Oh well, I could probably have written quite a bit more but I thought that was maybe a good spot to end.

Mikan decided that this year she was going to be a cat girl... that was also a witch and an orange vendor. Akai wasn't sure how this would all look when put together, or even how she'd pull off the orange vendor part, but she had been insistent.

Regardless of what she went as, someone would have to go trick or treating with her. But someone still had to hand out candy. Akai and Kou were going to decide who got which job with a few rounds of rock-paper-scissors. After three ties Mikan decided that it meant both of them were going and a bowl of candy was going to be left on the front step. And because of that Akai and Kou were going shopping for costumes.

"Akai-san, what do you think of this?" Kou held up a long cape with a high collar.

Akai was going as a vampire and Kou had decided one of those stock pirate costumes were perfect and wouldn't be convinced otherwise.

Kou waved the cape a bit while Akai examined it, it had a red lining and in the back of his mind reminded him of something. "I think it looks like a cape, I don’t want anything fancy…” Even though he said that he still motioned for Kou to put it in their shopping cart.

All Akai was doing was getting some of those plastic fangs, he already found a pair for pretty cheap, and a cape. He would wear his normal clothing and be sure to incorporate ‘bleh’ into his speech to entertain Mikan. Kou promised he’d say ‘arr’ at least once.

“I think we can move on to the rest of the list now,” Akai crossed the ‘costumes’ off of the list and re-read the rest of it, “Looks like we’re getting candy now.”

Kou smiled as they walked towards the front of the store where the candy was on sale, “Let’s get skittles.” Akai raised an eyebrow, knowing that most of those were going to be eaten by the three of them before and after Halloween, “They’re colorful, the kids love them.”

“I suppose…”

“I think skittles are great!” A girl’s voice jumped into their conversation from behind them, a young girl’s voice that belonged to Mikan.

Akai turned around to try to spot the girl but she’d already moved to the cart. With her she had a basket of oranges, it seemed like she’d just taken the store’s basket with her.

“That’s a lot of oranges,” Kou said, noting that often stores didn’t sell their displays with the products.

Mikan looked proud of herself, “It’s because I’m going as an orange vendor.”

Akai resumed pushing the cart while Kou nodded, “That makes sense, though will they sell you the basket?”

She nodded, hands placed briefly on her hips, “I even double checked.” As the candy aisle came into view she ran ahead of them and grabbed the biggest bag of skittles she could find.

“That’ll fill one of those buckets nicely, seems like we’ve got our candy now,” Akai was ready to cross their last item off the list.

“Nooooo!” Mikan dramatically shouted this, dragging the word out as long as her breath could manage.

Kou and Akai were equally surprised and their faces displayed this well. A few random shoppers turned to see what was going on.

Akai smiled nervously “Oi… Mikan-tan, care to explain?”

“You didn’t have to shout…” Kou muttered while rubbing at his ears.

The small girl smiled, bouncing on her feet, “People like variety, we can’t just get skittles~”

All that drama for that… Akai sighed and shook his head, Kou laughed a bit.

“Well then, let’s each pick a bag,” He squatted down a bit so he’d be eye level with Mikan, “And that should be good enough variety, right Mikan-tan?”

The girl nodded, “Good idea~”

“We’re right here, so next time you don’t have to be so loud,” Kou added before standing up. The girl nodded and the two walked further down the aisle to see what there was.

Akai stared after them for a while before following with the cart, “So whose pick do the skittles count for?”

Kou and Mikan turned and smiled simultaneously. “Yours, of course, Akai-san.”

Akai sighed, “Well then I’m changing my mind…”

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