The Colors Universe

Seven Days Left by John

Characters: Everyone
Word Count: 1034 words
Theme: Seven Days in a Week
Author Notes: Enjoy this Valentine's/Tobi-han Day Fic!

Seven days left:

Akai-san began to panic as he remembered the day that was a week away. He didn’t mind it, but receiving chocolate from every girl around was very tiresome, and to top it off, he didn’t even like chocolate much. But for him, this day was special; he had to make a cake for it was also a friend’s birthday.

Six days left:

Kou-kun was sifting through every aisle of the comic book store trying to find the perfect comic to read…and also to figure out which comic to buy for his friend. Kou-kun had other reasons to look forward to this day, but this one was the main one. He couldn’t let his friend down.

Five days left:

Murasaki-dono was peeved that she the flower store had already reserved every bouquet of flowers on this day. Not only was she unable to give her (hopeful) boyfriend flowers on that one day of the year, but she was also unable to bring five beautiful bouquets to her friend’s birthday. She decided to try the other flower stores, hoping to have some luck in the coming days.

Four days left:

Mikan-tan was at the joke store trying to find a good prank to pull on every boy she was around. She never gave chocolates or flowers on Valentine’s Day, but she loved to prank everyone and decimate any hopes of her asking them out. It was nice, fun, and chaotic. She grinned as she found the perfect prank to pull on every boy, completely forgetting that the day was also a friend’s birthday.

Three days left:

Aoi-sama was at the most extravagant restaurant in town buying a gift certificate for his friend. Not that he would ever use it. It was one of the most pointless gifts his friend would receive. He would rather eat out at a fast food joint than ever dress up. But Aoi-sama was a noble person and his pride would never allow him to sink as low as to walk into a fast food place for something like this. He had not even remembered that he was going to be trampled with girls on that day, and that his patience would be tested by many forgetting the “-sama” at the end of his name.

Two days left:

Midori~n was in the music store trying to find a few great CDs. Her band had just released a new single, and it was completely sold out. She grinned as she noticed this, but not before being swarmed with a huge crowd of fans asking for her autograph. She decided to sign everything, but also asked kindly for music recommendations for a friend. It was his birthday, and she was going to get him the best CDs possible!

One day left:

Gin-sensei had the perfect and most fool-proof invention already built, so he was at the grocery store buying lots of flour, sugar, chocolate, and many other ingredients. His invention was going to make the most extraordinary cake ever! He couldn’t wait to get everything put together and get it all baked! It was going to be fabulous!


…everything that could have gone wrong, did go wrong. Akai-san was carrying his cake to the location of the party when he dropped it due to being trampled by a crowd of rabid fangirls hoping to be the object of his affection on Valentine’s Day. Mikan-tan played a prank on every boy she knew, including the birthday boy, not even realizing her mistake. Kou-kun’s fangirls’ chocolate ice cream melted all over the comic book he bought for a present. Midori~n’s CDs were scratched when she opened them to put in the stereo. Aoi-sama’s birthday present was the only in-tact item there, but as expected, the birthday boy didn’t much care to go to this restaurant (which he’d probably give back to Aoi-sama, seeing as this was his favorite restaurant – victory!). Murasaki-dono’s flowers were the worst batches in the store and reeked with a terrible stench. And Gin-sensei’s invention ended up flooding the house with cake batter and icing.

They all looked at each other minutes before the party started. Each had a look of horror on their face. Then Tobi-han walked into the door. He was smiling the biggest grin ever, despite everything not going right.

“There were so many people that gave me gifts! Seems they all play cards and loved to pass out chocolates! It was awesome!!!”

The others just looked at each other, dumbfounded. When they realized what just happened, they just started laughing. Tobi-han had enjoyed his birthday (and Mikan-tan enjoyed Valentine’s Day to her fullest), and each one of them forgot their troubles…until the day after...

The day after:

All hell broke loose as each friend scrambled to get the best present ever! Akai-san was through with making a cake and instead bought some hiking gear. Mikan-tan decided to buy some pranks from the joke shop. Kou-kun went to purchase another copy of his comic. Midori~n returned the scratched CDs and bought the same ones again, this time checking the condition before leaving the store. Aoi-sama ate at his favorite restaurant before buying a gift certificate to every fast food joint in the area. Murasaki-dono got 50 bouquets of flowers to make up for the previous day’s terrible batches. And Gin-sensei fine-tuned his giant cake baker and baked the biggest and most splendid cake he could find.

That evening, they all decided to hold a second birthday party. It wasn’t hindered by Valentine’s Day this time, and everything that the friends bought for Tobi-han turned out perfectly this time. It was everything the previous day SHOULD HAVE been.

“Now who votes we should legally change Tobi-han’s birthday?”

It wasn’t clear whose voice this was that asked that because it was muffled by a mouthful of cake, but whoever did ask it was followed by an echo of six other voices, all responding with a simultaneous “AYE!”

And so, Tobi-han’s birthday was changed to February 15th, instead of the 14th (even though they’d completely forget about this the next year and try again to get a successful party on Valentine’s Day, just like they always did).

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