The Colors Universe

Gin-sensei's Second Competition by John

Characters: Gin-sensei, Akai-san
Word Count: 588 words
Theme: Twice over
Author Notes: N/A

Gin-sensei was very nervous. It was his second time presenting an invention of his. Instead of his lab coat, he had donned a black suit with a white dress shirt and a black bowtie. He had to look his best, as he needed to make a good impression for the judges. During the last time he presented something, he got so nervous that he nearly threw up on stage. However, his invention was good enough to get into the top three. He hoped that he could place again. But looking at the inventions this time around, presentation after presentation…He had his work cut out for him…and this made him feel even worse. One of them was something to animate an inanimate object, another was to bake food in any setting, even in a car, while a third were glasses that could play movies. Gin-sensei was just very concerned that his invention wasn’t good enough. He kept pacing backstage. His nerves got the best of him.

“You doin’ alright?”

A familiar voice rang in his ears. Gin-sensei turned and saw the face of one of his friends, Akai-san. This friend had always been known to give him words of encouragement when he was feeling nervous. He was the glue that held this group of dysfunctional best friends together.

“I-I am just extremely nervous…Look at those things…I-Is my invention even close to being good enough?”

“Relax, okay? You always make the best things! Everything you make has always caused happiness for everyone in our group!”

Gin-sensei was surprised, and his heartbeat began to slow down. His nerves were actually settling. Akai-san really knew how to calm anyone in their group down. Midori~n had told him that Akai-san was very good at it, and Gin-sensei never knew what she meant until now. He was finally able to go out there with confidence and present his invention.

Gin-sensei walked out on that stage. His voice no longer shook. His mind no longer raced. He was calm and composed. His speech about his TV that could project cartoons and games into real life was absolutely stunning and the judges just ate it up! Gin-sensei couldn’t have been happier! He was just glowing in happiness. Nothing could bring him down from this! He felt like he could not only place in the top three this time, but he felt like he could actually win!

After the presentation, Gin-sensei returned to his room backstage. There, he saw all of his friends! They all had smiles on their faces, and were all reassuring. After they all congratulated him, he smiled and hugged them all. They were the ones who got him through this, and the ones who even got him to begin presenting his inventions!

Soon after, the judges called the contestants out. Third place was quickly awarded, though it seemed like it took forever for that award to come out. Second place was also awarded to another person. Their inventions and presentations had been flawless. This made the choice even harder. It was just as tense as when he was waiting for his name to be called for his presentation. The judges made a big pause…and then he heard his own name being called. His heart stopped for a minute. He won. He…had won! He couldn’t believe it. The feeling of the gold medal around his neck was the best. He couldn’t feel happier! He knew there was going to be a party when they got home tonight! There always was when something good happened.

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