The Colors Universe

Rainbow Flavors by Twiggy

Characters: Akai-san, Mikan-tan
Word Count: 1,136 words
Theme: food

They were only supposed to go to one store, only one. Just. One. It was a quick errand; a simple, everyday task. Something that should have taken 30 minutes tops. Akai-san expected this at least.

Boy, he was sure wrong.

“NII-TAN, NII-TAAAAN~” Mikan-tan called out as she raced through the mall, shoes pounding heavily on the linoleum tile that blanketed the ground, grey and dirty. Even though she was a good 20 feet in front of him, Mikan-tan was still making quite the headway, despite his legs being decently long. “NII! LET’S STOP AND GET A BITE TO EAT!”

“Alright, alright~” he laughed. Even though they had been gone for nearly four hours and had gone in so many stores he couldn’t count them, he could never deny his sister anything that made her happy. Doting was a strong suit, just like one of hers was being doted on. “What would you like to eat?”

“Ice cream. Duh!” She giggled. Akai-san made a half scowl, half smile as he finally caught up to her when she stopped in front of the food plaza.

“You need more than that, little girl!” He tugged playfully on her hoodie’s string, watching her wiggle away from him once more, running to the nearest food booth to see what they had.

“NII~ you’re so…boring!” She decided. Akai did frown this time. It only hurt a little, but he quickly recovered with a laugh. Walking over to her, he lifted the little girl into his arms and deftly put her on his shoulders.

“I’m boring, huh?” He spun her around, being careful not to hurt any other mall patrons with her wild flailing legs as she giggled and wriggled and squirmed unabashedly. “Do you really think so?”

They spun a little while and he finally came to rest, taking her down and back on the ground. She spun a little more from being dizzy and laughed some more. “NII-TAN NII-TAN STOOOOOP~” she breathed, the air in her lungs growing short. She plopped down upon one of the mall’s eating tables and fanned her face, rubbing her eyes.

Akai-san knelt to meet her gaze. “Tuckered out?” He asked, straightening out her loosened and skewed pig-tails.

Mikan-tan pouted. “Never! I still have ice cream to eat! Mikan-tan won’t stop until she eats her fill!” She pumped her fists and kicked her legs with enthusiasm. Akai-san rolled his eyes and picked her up from the chair, only to stand Mikan-tan up again.

“Well.” He replied, folding his arms in a mock huff way. “I don’t know about that…”


“I don’t know~”

With one more epic pout, Mikan-tan forcefully took grab of Akai’s loose belt and began to run to the Rainbow Flavors Ice Cream Shoppe, right at the back of the plaza. Akai-san laughed and jogged with her, almost tripping occasionally with her speed. When she wanted ice cream, she wanted ice cream!

She almost flew behind the counter, nearly taking out the woman waiting for her ice cream to be scooped. Her face against the long, smooth glass sloping above the 30 flavors they had to offer, her eyes gleamed with child-like innocence. Akai took a gander as well; all the running and spinning making him a might hot in the summertime heat of the mall.

“Nii, nii, which should I get, oh gawd.” She breathed, voice reverberating off the glass.

“Whatever you like,” he commented, idly telling the counterperson he wanted a cup of Cherry Chocolate. “It’s Nii’s treat.”

“Duh, I’m broke, stoop.” Mikan-tan’s eyes danced from flavor to flavor. “OH MY GAWD, NII-TAN I KNOW! Counter guy! I WANT ONE. OF EVERY. FLAVOR.” She clapped her hands and looked at the teen behind the counter as if HE was in fact a delicious frozen dish. He looked happy as well, caught up in the hustle, and began scooping her order. Akai-san choked.

“MIKAN! ONE FLAVOR!” He wanted to scold her but laughed at the disappointed faces of both Mikan-tan and the worker. “But you can have two scoops.”

She looked a little happier at the mention of two scoops and excitedly pointed to what she wanted. Akai-san shook his head and sighed a happy sigh. As long as Mikan was happy today, so was he.

“How about sprinkles on the house?” He offered Akai-san, preparing both the Rainbowlicious and Choco-Haven shakers. Akai flushed and nodded. Mikan clapped excitedly and bounced on her heels.

“Nii-tan, what did you get? I bet you got vanilla because you’re so booooooooring~” She stuck her tongue out playfully.

“Maybe I did. But I might get tired of it and try to steal yours.”

“NUH-UH! HANDS OFF, SISTER!” She crossed her arms in an X shape and beeped at him. He giggled in spite of himself. The other patron wasn’t amused with the childish antics and stopped off with her ice cream. This made both the siblings laugh.

Finally, the counter boy handed them their cups and the pair retreated to one of the eateries tables. Mikan had evidently got a frozen Orange Sorbet and was already halfway through the first large scoop before she had even sat down.

“You like it, obviously?” Akai smiled as his sister devoured her treat.

“FUH!” She inhaled, mouth full of orange. “Want a bite?” She swallowed.

Akai opened his mouth and she fed him a large bite of her icey snack. The flavor was perfect, slightly orange, slightly milky. He hummed as the spoon left his mouth and Mikan-tan smiled. “You like it, obviously?” She mimicked.

“FUH!” He said, mouth filled with air, imitating his sister. She hit him on the nose with her spoon.

“Penalty game: For insulting a lady, I get your ice cream.”

“No way!”


“…one bite.”


“HRRNGH. Deal.” Akai-san took a spoonful of his Cherry Chocolate and fed it to his sister’s open mouth. She bit down on the spoon and licked it clean.

“MMMMM. These people know their ice cream.” Mikan made a face. “But this chocolate is bitter, uck.”

“Grow a few inches, you’ll like it.” He teased, going back to his ice cream.

“Say, Nii-tan.” She smiled. “Want to get some more?”


“I think the counter guy likes you.” She stared. Akai coughed. “It’s okay, I think we can all say we’ve fallen for your looks and charms once or twice…NII-TAN~” Mikan held hugged herself close for dramatic effect.

“L-Let’s go get more ice cream, huh?” Akai laughed nervously.

“YESSIREE!” She chimed in, finishing off her last spoonful. Akai-san rolled his eyes as Mikan-tan ran off back to the counter to get another scoop. He decided that today had been pretty long, but there wasn’t much of it that he hadn’t enjoyed.

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