The Colors Universe

Radioactive Chocolates by Skie

Characters: Midorin
Word Count: 1,196 words
Theme: Valentines
Author Notes: :D

Valentines Day. While it could certainly be ignored, given that it was just another day on the calendar, and nothing actually special happened in the modern world as a result, the social implications of the day itself were far reaching. Every attractive boy would receive chocolate and every girl with a crush would give it; though there were, of course, the numerous individuals on Valentines Day that gave out simple chocolates as gratitude or just bought the chocolate straight from the store without much care in the world. In stark contrast to the rest of the world, on this day, there was only one thing that one very specific green girl wished to do.

Make every single chocolate that was being created… green.

Midorin, while sitting in her own room, began to devise a master plan of epic proportions. She knew for a fact that there were several chocolate makers present in the very same residence that she herself was a part of. She thought through the individuals that lived in the same building. Akai, while certainly capable of creating chocolate was more likely to receive it than to give it. Mikan would surely, surely end up creating some variety of chocolate and orange blended monstrosity that would be in dire need of a little green. Kou could very well make some variety of chocolates because he, after all, did have a few crushes of his own to handle; though Midorin suspected that he would be the recipient as well. Aoi, being the high and mighty man he was, would inevitably be only the recipient of chocolates; though if he were to be asked to deliver chocolates of gratitude to individuals that he appreciated… there could be a plan of the utmost deviancy involved in that regard. Lastly, there was Murasaki. The poor girl, though sassy, had a number of crushes on a number of individuals that she often didn’t know what to do about. This was certainly her day to shine, or perhaps her day to receive a little helping green in her creations.

With her targets in mind, Midorin jotted the names down in order of how she would attack. Murasaki would be first, because she was the easiest to sneak around. Mikan would be next, because she could be easily distracted if needed. Kou would be third, though by that point there could be some suspicion coming from the residents of the building regarding Midorin’s activities. Lastly, though, would be Aoi. It would take a real last resort to have to craft green chocolates to give to Aoi to use as gratitude chocolates… but it was certainly something to be considered.

Approaching the kitchen, a very appealing and enticing aroma caught Midorin’s attention immediately. The scents of chocolate and lavender; in perfect harmony, were clear in the air. Midorin threw open the door to the kitchen and was immediately faced with her worst fear. She had arrived too late to add green to Murasaki’s chocolates.

“Hello, Midorin” Murasaki greeted the green girl in a quite pleased tone. Though she didn’t turn to show her face, as she was focused on carefully removing the most beautifully shaped butterfly lavender chocolate from its mold, Midorin could immediately tell that Murasaki had spent a great deal of time here and was feeling the great sense of satisfaction from a job well done. “I’m just finishing up my chocolates for tomorrow. Sorry if I kept you from the kitchen.”

Midorin, without a word, left the kitchen. Leaving Murasaki wondering if she had said something wrong or if she had struck a nerve somehow; given that Midorin had never spoken about any crushes or giving anyone any chocolate at all. But that, my friends, the story of Midorin’s love life, is a tale for another time. It was time for option 2. Midorin’s hunt for Mikan ended just as quickly as it had begun. Upon entering the living area, Midorin immediately spotted Mikan sitting beside what appeared to be a basket full of oranges. Chocolate oranges; with fancy ribbons and foil wrappers, clearly put together as a Valentine gift in a heart shaped basket.

Without a word, Midorin turned and began her hunt for Kou. Surely the deities above would have mercy on her and allow her third plan to come to fruition. Surely Kou would be the one that she could corrupt into spreading the wonder that could be green chocolates. She ascended the stairs, passing by a great number of yellow boxes as she did, with her final destination being Kou’s very bedroom. At the time, the boxes meant nothing at all to Midorin and her thoughts, which were of her own chocolate plans involving others, simply didn’t acknowledge that she had even passed anything unusual. She knocked once, then twice, then finally twice more… when her third knock connected with Kou’s forehead.

“… Midorin.” Kou stated, calmly, as Midorin’s knuckles rested against his forehead. “Something on your mind?”

Quickly retracting her hand, Midorin pointed at Kou accusingly. “You! Have you made your chocolates yet? Let’s go make your chocolates! The kitchen is free!”

“My chocolates are already finished.” Kou stated flatly, as if he had been expecting this. In reality, he really hadn’t expected Midorin to suddenly extend a caring hand for others on special occasions. She only offered help in any situation when she had some kind of ulterior motive prepared. Kou knew for a fact that if Midorin wanted to help, there was something going on behind the scenes. It was just a matter of finding out what that something was.

“What do you mean ‘finished’! You havn’t even gone into the kitchen! You didn’t cook anyth-“ Midorin accused Kou for a few moments before a sudden reality dawned on her. The entire hallway and, it seemed like, a considerable portion of Kou’s room were full of yellow boxes. “Kou.”


“Are these boxes… full of chocolate?”


“Why do you have so much chocolate?”

“I’m not going to leave anyone out this year. Don’t worry, though. I got specific colored chocolates for everyone this ye-…” Kou stopped mid-sentence as Midorin stormed off back downstairs. Apparently he, in his decision to simply mass order and mass gift his chocolate, had managed to ultimately derail all of Midorin’s plans. He was both pleased and a little curious about what she had been up to, but it didn’t particularly matter that much. With no reason to remain there, Kou retreated back into his room to continue whatever it was he had been partaking in prior to the interruption.

In the end, Midorin was forced to make her own chocolates, which, in her own defiance to the system, she refused to give out herself. Instead, she gave the bag of over twenty chocolates to Aoi and requested politely, which was a considerable challenge that involved roughly half of an hour of debate with Aoi, that he deliver them as chocolates of gratitude for Valentines Day.

However, as Midorin awoke on Valentines Day, she found the bundle of over twenty green chocolates sitting on the desk in her room with a single note attached to them.


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