The Colors Universe

Puhlease? by Mnemosyne

Characters: Mikan-tan + others
Word Count: 575 words
Theme: Mornings
Author Notes: My sisters and I saw the cutest puppy at our relatives' place today. That totally may or may not have something to do with this. Also; I was thinking of writing something about Mikan-tan playing a silly trick on Kou-kun.

“Akai-san… Can we keep him?”

“There’s no room.”



“Murasaki-dono, you’ll let me keep him, right?”

“…I don’t think it’s a good idea.”

“What does Midorin say?”

“Why are you so insistent?”

“Because I really really really want to keep him.”

Mikan had been begging the older members of her household for an hour, immune to any logic said. Now the pointless begging had begun and it was just a game of stubbornness. The others went about what they were doing while they waited for the orange girl to get tired, pout, and leave. Akai was on the computer in the living room doing something with excel, Murasaki was re-arranging the flowers in the sitting area sitting next to Midori, who was composing a song. Aoi sat at the desk with Akai, presumably helping but actually doing nothing. Kou and Tobi had left as soon as the begging had commenced, saying something about Tobi needing to get something from the hardware store. Mikan had only one goal in mind and because of this was doing nothing else.

“I’ll stop putting stickers on Aoi-sama’s cape when he’s not looking!”


“I wont wake Midorin up before 10?”


“I’m sorry for knocking over the vase in the front hall…”


“I wont add random values to Akai-san’s project.”

A pause. Then red man said: “You what?”

“I thought it was a game…”

“…” Akai and Aoi looked at Mikan, slightly annoyed but mostly shocked and either way at a loss for words.

“But I promise that I wont do it again!”

“Yeah but-“ Akai started to speak only for her to continue.

“So can I please please puhlease keep him?”

The four of them shouted a no at her and she pouted.

They resumed what they were doing but were interrupted when Gin-sensei entered the room. Everyone froze and looked at him. There was a heavy feeling in the air as everyone but Mikan wished one thing:

’Don’t say yes.’


Mikan skipped over to him and hugged him around the waist, careful to duck under the arm with the cup of coffee. He smiled down at her and she smiled up at him.

“Can we keep him?”

’Please don’t say yes.’

Gin-sensei smiled and then drank from his coffee. This small pause between the question and the answer seemed like forever to the occupants of the room. Some of them felt dread for the answer they were sure would follow and others held hope that maybe this once it would be different. All eyes were on him as he took a single drink from his mug. They noticed things like a chip missing on the bottom rim or that only a small part of the dancing penguin image was faded. No one knew what type of coffee he was drinking but they assumed that it was black with two sugars, as he sometimes drank it at this time of day. On the edge of their seats they watched, and all they could do was wait for the mug to be lowered and him to utter either words that could drastically change their household’s dynamics.

And they waited.

The fraction of a second it took to drink a sip of coffee passed and he spoke.

“Sure.” He smiled towards the orange girl.

Somewhere in the background Midori fell off the edge of her seat.

The energetic girl gave him a big hug, “You’re the best.”

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