The Colors Universe

Presents by Relika

Characters: Kou-kun
Word Count: 245 words
Theme: Exchanging presents
Author Notes: N/A

It was finally Christmas! Kou-kun had woken up bright and early (despite the fact that it wasn't so bright, what with it being before dawn with overcast skies) to get a good start to the day. Only one day of the year could he bring himself to happily get out of bed early in the morning, and it was this day. Yawning loudly, the blond took a few moments to stretch his limbs in bed before haphazardly throwing off the covers and hopping out.

There was one single thing on his mind: presents. What had he gotten from Santa? What had he gotten from everybody else? He'd already went shopping for the rest of his family (though finding clothes with enough zippers to be sufficient for Aoi-sama had been a bit of a chore), and couldn't wait to see the looks on their faces when they opened them. By all technicality, he was supposed to wait for everybody to be at the Christmas tree to open up presents together... But maybe he could open one. Just one for now.

After shoving on a pair of fuzzy slippers, he made his way out of the room, bounding down the stairs while barely managing to avoid tripping himself. The excitement on his face turned into a look of wonder as he gazed upon the large stack of presents under the tree, even larger than when he had went to sleep last night.

...Okay, maybe two for now.

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