The Colors Universe

Preparing for the Date by Skie

Characters: Murasaki-dono, Mikan-tan, Midorin
Word Count: 1,022 words
Theme: Makeup time
Author Notes: In my mind, they all either live together or close to together. :D

“Girls” Murasaki said aloud as she entered the main room, immediately earning the attention of both Midorin and Mikan, “I need a bit of a hand. I can’t seem to manage it on my own.”

Midorin, who had been nose-deep in a popular romance novel involving two handsome, green-haired men, didn’t even bother raising her eyes or shifting her attention at all from her task before she responded with “No”.

Mikan, meanwhile, was more than happy to escape the awkward silence that had filled the room immediately following her questioning of the book that Midorin was reading. “Oranges are better than that… that… whatever it is anyway!” Mikan stated aloud and stuck her tongue out at Midorin. “Shorty!” she added, immediately fleeing the room to avoid the sudden cold glare she had earned from Midorin.

Mikan joined Murasaki in front of a mirror where she became immediately aware of just what the problem was. Murasaki was trying to get a new makeup on just right… but there wasn’t enough orange to go with it!

“I just need a bit of help with this eyeshadow, and then getting this Obi tightened just right” Murasaki looked to Mikan to make sure she was listening, only to find that the girl was examining some of her makeup. “I have a date tonight and… are you listening?”

“After I help you, that date will love how you look! Now just sit down and close your eyes!” Mikan beamed, clearly more excited than any normal human should have been in this sort of situation. With a plan in mind, Mikan began gathering various implements to proceed with her task. Murasaki, not having any reason yet to not trust in Mikan, sat down and closed her eyes. “It should be just enough to shine and sparkle, but not look painted—“ Murasaki tried to explain, but stopped short as she felt Mikan begin.

“First!” Mikan giggled “We need to make sure your pores are clean!” she started liberally applying cream to Murasaki’s face. “Don’t open your eyes!” she continued on, though now she had a devious plan that involved making Murasaki absolutely perfect; and to achieve that perfection, she had to make sure that Murasaki herself would not interrupt what she was trying to do.

Though startled and a bit confused by the sudden change in plans, Murasaki didn’t resist. “I still have extra time before the date, so this is fine” she explained “You have a plan, right?” She questioned, needing to make sure that this wouldn’t be a nightmare in the making. “Please stick with the purples I usually use every—“

“Don’t worry, don’t worry, don’t worry!” Mikan repeated several more times, proceeding to gather up not purples, but oranges. Eyeshadow, eyeliner, blush, lipstick, and even a bit of temporary hair dye were all gathered in a nice little pile. The ultimate accessories, though, were the orange earrings, the orange choker, the orange hairpins, and the super-important orange tiara. The big mystery of “where did these items come from?” that may have risen because of these items being gathered will never be answered, but that isn’t an issue here. Mikan grabbed a washcloth and cleaned the cream off of Murasaki’s face and immediately grabbed one of her orange implements.

As if on cue to either save Murasaki or help Mikan, Midorin turned the corner and made a prompt exclamation denying her shortness. “I am NOT short, you orange-loving brat!” she nearly snarled it “And furthermore—“ she failed to continue once she took in what she was seeing. Murasaki was entirely helpless. Mikan was clearly going to do something awful, in her own innocent way. Midorin realized that, if she didn’t act, she could very well miss out on a golden opportunity.

Hearing Midorin’s grand entrance, Murasaki immediately began to worry. “Can you wait, Midorin? Mikan has it handled—“ she paused, realizing how bizarre that sounded, before continuing “I don’t think this is a prime time for your style.”

Midorin visibly recoiled, though Murasaki wasn’t aware of it, at the thought of her style not being needed in any situation. “Nonsense!” she exclaimed, promptly entering the room with Mikan and Murasaki. “I don’t think Mikan has the perfect sense required to bring out your… beauty! What’s this for, anyway?” she questioned as she grabbed hold of several containers of makeup; green makeup.

Murasaki, feeling the application of makeup to her face, began to wonder. “This will all turn out to be just like I want, right? Purple? Beautiful?” she seemed worried “I have a date that I can’t allow you two to ruin with anything silly. Please.”

“Nonsense, Saki-chan!” Mikan chimed in, liberally applying orange eyeshadow to Murasaki “This will be great! He’ll love it! He’ll absolutely love it! I know he’ll love it!”

“What Mikan is trying to say, Murasaki, is that you’re in good hands.” Midorin commented. “I’ve been subjected to some pretty crazy things being around her… but every time, she gives it her all.” Midorin chuckled. “Though, being Mikan, she does have her quirks.”

“Liking oranges isn’t quirky! You’re quirky, you moldy midget!” Mikan retorted, then laughed “Thanks for the compliment, Rin-chan!”

“Stop using made-up nicknames!” Both Murasaki and Midorin snapped at Mikan at the same time, clearly having the same threshold for nonsense. “I’m Murasaki!” “And I’m Midorin!” “Get it right!” they both said.

“Eeek, sorry sorry sorry!” Mikan repeated, though through the entire conversation she had not stopped at her task. Midorin, too, had continued on. They both stopped and stepped back and grinned an equally devious sort of grin. Murasaki, as she sat before them, was perfect. The perfect blend of two styles; Mikan’s orange-crazed style and Midorin’s green-crazed style had blended together into what they both agreed on as a masterpiece. “You can open your eyes~” they both chimed simultaneously.

Murasaki slowly opened her eyes to see what they had done… and promptly screamed.

“Who did she say she had a date with, anyway? Someone orange?” Mikan asked.

“Don’t know. Didn’t Aoi say he had a date tonight, too?” Midorin asked… and wondered.

Who knew, really?

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