The Colors Universe

Piano by Tress

Characters: Mikan-tan
Word Count: 397 words
Theme: Monotonous, Music
Author Notes: Why do I always make Mikan the butt of some learning experience? She seems like the type that would charge ahead into whatever interested her though - as long as it manages to keep her attention. xD



Mikan plunked listlessly at the piano.

Up the scale and down. And up again. And back down again.

Mikan paused to examine her fingernails; stare outside the window at the tree that shaded the living room, waving in the breeze (why couldn't she be outdoors, running free?); scuff her feet against the carpet; and generally look anywhere but at the black and white keys in front of her.

Murasaki had somehow convinced Mikan to take piano lessons, but what was the point of these exercises, week after week? Mikan loved music, but she just wanted to play an awesome piece already!

Mikan was instantly alert to another possible distraction when Gin walked through the doorway, headed for the kitchen with his empty mug in hand.

"Gin-sensei!" She hopped up to accompany him.

"Supposed to be practicing?" he asked with an amused look.

"Yeah, but it's so boooring" she whined. "Scales and exercises especially. When will I get to the real stuff?"

Gin looked thoughtful as he filled his mug. "Hmm… Follow me."

Mikan trailed readily back to Gin's room, eager to avoid the piano for a bit longer. Gin's desk was a mess of papers, but one corner of his room was immaculate. Columns of CD towers lined the wall, brimming with neatly ordered CD cases. Everyone knew Gin had the best audio system in the house, and he put it to good use with his large collection of classical recordings.

Setting his coffee down, Gin walked to the CD towers and crouched down to search.

"Piano... solo piano... C... Ah, here," he muttered to himself.

"This is a piece by Chopin. Nicknamed Black Keys Etude," he said as he stood and put the CD in the player. Mikan made a face at the word "etude" - more technical exercises?

But her expression soon changed as the piece started. Listening to the notes pouring out from the speakers, she could imagine in her mind's eye fingers flying across the keyboard, and her eyes widened.

When the piece ended, Gin spoke up. "There were a lot of scales in that piece, hm?"

Mikan only nodded. But she lost no time in tromping back down the stairs and beginning to practice again with renewed vigor. A piece like that... was still a long ways off. But maybe what she was doing now wasn't so pointless after all.

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