The Colors Universe

Oops by John

Characters: Gin-sensei and others
Word Count: 582 words
Theme: Oops
Author Notes: Again, hope I'm doing the character of Gin-sensei justice~ (And this time, I hope I'm giving justice to Aoi-sama, Shirocchi, and Kurocchi as well~)

Gin-sensei always had to invent new things. He couldn’t stop. Over the summer, he made a juice mixer, which took the raw ingredients of fresh fruit juices and mixed the juice in seconds, which was ready to serve. He also made a gigantic sand castle maker for the beach. He couldn’t help but to continue to make more and more devices that were useful to him and his friends.

Today, he was making another device: a new remote control for the TV that was easier to use than the last one he made. The last one began to randomly stop working at times, so he had to reprogram it each time someone wanted to adjust the volume or switch the channel. This was completely inconvenient and unfair to his friends, so he needed to make a new one before someone’s mood got too bad, and today, someone had forgotten to address Aoi-sama with the proper honorific, calling him “Aoi-san” instead. This was not good. If Aoi-sama decided to let his stress go by watching TV, he would want a working remote, and if the remote didn’t work…Gin-sensei didn’t want to even think of what would happen if he got caught in Aoi-sama’s rain of anger.

He continued working, carefully adjusting the battery power and the signal strength to the proper levels. Then he started adding in his new features, which would set this remote apart from the others. He had begun to build small buttons to access other machinery in the house. Who wouldn’t want a remote that could control a laptop, AND a TV, AND an Xbox 360, AND the PS3, AND the Wii, AND any other gaming system they had? He even planned to make an extra one specifically for his lab! He was sure this idea was his best one yet!

He worked diligently for about fifteen minutes, before adjusting the final buttons and signal frequencies. He was absolutely sure that this would work! He took the remote upstairs to give it to Aoi-sama.

Sure enough, Aoi-sama was on the couch, visibly annoyed, struggling with the faulty remote. His face looked like he was ready to throw the poor dying remote into the TV screen, killing them both. “U-Uh, Aoi-sama? W-Would you like to try this remote instead?” Gin-sensei asked, while pressing the button with the picture of a TV on it.

Aoi-sama looked up with a glare, until he saw the new remote in Gin-sensei’s hands. “You made a new one? This quickly? I guess I shouldn’t be so surprised, after all. You tend to make things like this in a matter of minutes.” He took the remote from Gin-sensei’s hands and pressed the power button. The TV turned on instantly. The volume and channel adjustment buttons also worked perfectly. Aoi-sama was pleased as he turned on his favorite show.

Upon seeing the new remote, however, Shirocchi and Kurocchi quickly dove for it to change the channel. They had, apparently, been waiting to watch a new cartoon for an hour, and refused to wait any longer.

“IT’S OURS!” They yelled as they grabbed the remote out of Aoi-sama’s hands. During the dive, however quick it was, they accidentally pressed every button setting the remote could be on. This overload of commands sent a high frequency wave throughout the house, frying every electrical device in the house. By the time everyone got downstairs, Aoi-sama was no longer the only angry one. Everyone else stared at Shirocchi and Kurocchi.


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