The Colors Universe

One Failure Too Many by John

Characters: Gin-sensei
Word Count: 203 words
Theme: One time too many
Author Notes: N/A

Gin-sensei thought of all of the inventions he had made that had failed. He thought about the remote that angered Aoi-sama. He also remembered the snowball machine he made that flooded their entire house with snow. He recalled the candy maker which made everything way too sweet or way too sour. He thought about where he went wrong with all of these great ideas. They all should have worked. He knows they should have worked. But something, something he couldn’t quite figure out, went wrong with all of them. What was it? He couldn’t stop thinking about all of his failures. They all caused such big disasters. Sure, Mikan-tan loved them all. She thrived on disasters. But he loved the feeling of success. He loved making all of his wonderful friends happy with the things he made. Where did all of these go wrong? They all went wrong as soon as Kurocchi and Shirocchi touched them. Maybe he should make something that even they couldn’t mess up. Maybe, he thought, he should try and test it to make sure that nothing could mess it up. He needed a success after these months of failure. Gin-sensei had one failure too many, and he wanted to regain success.

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