The Colors Universe

Missing Hat by Harumi

Characters: Akai-san, Mikan-tan, Kou-kun
Word Count: 1,194 words
Theme: Misplaced Items
Author Notes: Yay, I completed 3 fics, now only if I was this fast when I'm writing my essays XD

“Ahhh, darn it, where is it?” Kou-kun frantically dug through his closet pulling out clothes and its other contents as he searched for something.

“I was just wearing it thirty minutes ago…where could I have put it…” The young blonde-haired boy dramatically fell backwards onto his back to the floor.

“Uh, what are you doing?” Akai-san knocked on the door, wondering what the big commotion was in the boy’s room.

Kou turned his head toward the door where he saw the older male standing.

“I lost it! I can’t find it anywhere!” Kou replied desperately while flailing his arms and legs in the air.

“…..lost what exactly?” Akai said, still confused. The boy was obviously not giving him any straight answers.

Kou-kun stood up from the floor and walked toward the older male. “My hat! It’s missing, I seriously looked all over the place and I cannot find it anywhere!” The boy shouted out while pointing to his head for emphasis.

Akai gave him a quizzical look

“Dude, you trashed your entire room just to look for your hat? There’s even a sofa inside the hallway closet which was never there before and thus I’m assuming was moved by you since we’re the only ones in the house right now…..hey…are you even listening to me?” Akai was getting a little annoyed with the boy since he was obviously not paying attention to him. He watched Kou run circles around his room looking in every nook and cranny for said hat. If Kou didn’t go crazy then he was sure as hell that he was going to be.

Akai grabbed Kou-kun by the collar of his shirt to settle him in one place so he could listen to him.

“WAH! Hey, what are you doing?! Are you trying to choke me??” He exclaimed, trying to free himself from Akai’s grasp and then take the wrinkles out of his collar.

“No, but it’s a tempting idea right now.” The red-head mused as he looked at the boy who was forming his mouth into a pout, clearly not amused and just looking more frustrated than he had before.

Both guys just stood there during what seemed like minutes of silence until Akai finally sighed and rubbed the back of his head. Kou turned to look at him questioningly.

“Alright alright, I’ll help you look for your hat alright? So you can stop losing your noodles over it, okay?” He tried to sound stern but he really couldn’t stay mad at the boy for very long. He was very endearing, the little bastard.

Kou-kun looked at the taller male for a few seconds before smiling wide at him and pulling him into a big bear hug. “You really will? You’re the best!”

Akai-san immediately became flustered as he tried to pry the smaller body off of him. “Hey hey! Okay, you don’t have to do that, get off!” Kou just kept grinning as he backed away, either because he was happy the older male was going to help him or because he was blushing from ear to ear right now, either one.

“Hehe, okay ~ well, I haven’t looked in the attic yet so let’s try there first!” His gloved hand grabbed Akai’s and he sped them both off to the corridor that held the stairway that led to the attic.

“S-Slow down! I’m going to trip over something, and let go! Do you want me to just forget about helping you?” The taller male panted out, he obviously didn’t have Kou-kun’s energy as he stumbled on trying to keep up to him.

Meanwhile, Kou-kun was doing well with only selectively listening to Akai-san as he has been all day. Not paying much mind to his complaining, he led them up the stairs and opened the door to the dusty room.

He let go of Akai’s hand and immediately went to work on searching for his missing hat again. “I can look over here and you can look on that side okay? Akai-san? Are you okay?”

The red-head just slid down to the floor as he tried to regain his breath while staring daggers and the young male. “’m..fine……” He answered, trying his very best not to get angry or walk away. He enjoyed how energetic Kou-kun was, even if it annoyed him sometimes, and he did say he would help.

Hours passed and both boys searched the entirety of the attic, basement, kitchen, bathrooms, living room, guest room, and every other room that the house held and no luck in finding Kou’s missing hat. Both were quite tired and took to the kitchen to drink some sodas.

“Sorry kiddo, we looked everywhere, it’s not in the house.” Akai apologized to the boy who looked so disheartened, his earlier enthusiasm faded away a couple hours ago. Akai ruffled his hair in an attempt to comfort him. He didn’t think his hat meant that much to him, but he would probably feel the same way if something he cherished just went missing one day.

“It’s okay, thank you for helping anyway, I appreciate it.”

The door to backyard suddenly opened and both boys looked toward it to see who was coming. It was Mikan carrying a small brown bag in hand. “Oh...hi guys, what are you doing here?” she asked, looking a little nervous for some reason.

“Oh, hey Mikan, we were just looking for Kou’s hat, he lost it somewhere and we couldn’t find it.”

“I’m really sorry!” The young girl suddenly exclaimed.

Both Akai-san and Kou-kun looked to her very confused. Kou replied to her first “Sorry about what?”

“W-well…” She slowly walked up to the blonde and gave him the brown bag she was carrying. “Earlier today I was cleaning up and stuff.” She began. “I found your hat on the floor and I took it along with some laundry to get it cleaned while you were in the shower. But I stopped to get a snack in the kitchen and I accidentally spilled my orange soda on your hat.”

Kou-kun looked at her with understanding but he let the girl finish.

“I thought you’d be really mad at me and I was afraid to tell you so I took your hat to get washed elsewhere and I really hope there’s not a stain on it or anything, I tried my best, please forgive me!”

Kou-kun opened the brown bag and there was his hat. It really did smell of fresh laundry detergent. He looked at it from every angle but there wasn’t a stain to be found. He looked to Mikan-tan and just smiled at her. “Aww Mikan, thank you so much. I probably would have been disappointed to hear my hat got dirty but you cleaned it up for me, if you had just told me I wouldn’t have been mad at you!”

Mikan sniffed a bit and hugged Kou in gratitude. “Thank you so much! I promise I won’t be so clumsy next time!”

Akai just watched the kids hug and laugh, while he wasn’t mad at Mikan for causing this whole ordeal, he definitely needed a nap now that this was over.

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