The Colors Universe

Minecraf--Colors by Skie

Characters: Mikan-tan, Tobi-han, Gin-sensei, Midorin
Word Count: 565 words
Theme: Jumping
Author Notes: Clearly in no way Minecraft-related. Not at all. Though it is addictive, even for our beloved Colors crew.

As any normal day began, the Colors household was completely quiet. There was not even a peep from any of the individuals in the household and-- All things considered, this was a terribly unusual turn of events for the Colors household. Normally, the ten housemates were up to some kind of antics that would inevitably lead to some catastrophically amazing result, but in this scenario those antics were not taking place.

Not in the real world, anyway.

"I found more pumpkins! None of you can have any!" Mikan shouted as she rapidly clicked the mouse at her computer. On her screen, her bright orange character was rapidly slashing away at strangely block-shaped pumpkins with a pickaxe. Instead of pumpkin mush splattering everywhere, the pumpkin instead popped out of the ground as a cube and jumped directly to Mikan! "This game is so much fun!"

"You're thinking too small, Mikan." Tobi laughed as he clicked away at his own computer. His screen, meanwhile, showed nothing but the open sky. It seemed that he was building a tower to the heavens, and nothing could stop him. "I'm on top of the world, and my adventure is just beginning!" he let out a low cackle before glancing away from Mikan's screen and straight at Gin's.

"Gin. Where in the world are you?!"

"The bottom of the world, Tobi! You're thinking tall and broad, but what will you do when I blast out the ground beneath your towers?" Gin's face contorted into a mad sort of smirk as he explored his maze of tunnels, each having some kind of contraption built into the walls; working away and mining minerals for him automatically. "My operation will leave me the most powerful of all!"

"But you don't have any pumpkins!" Mikan chimed in.

"Mikan." Gin turned to her, his smirk unwavering. "You should put a pumpkin on your character's head. Then you'll be more orange than ever."

"What?" Mikan's nose scrunched up at the idea, but then she quickly added "You can't actually do that, can you?!"

A few moments later, Mikan was prancing through the countrysides with a pumpkin over her character's head. She was, without a doubt, the happiest and most orange character in the game.

Throughout all of this, Midorin had been strangely quiet. The others slowly took notice of her silence and, after a time, Gin, Tobi, and Mikan finally got curious and glanced slowly over at Midorin's screen; they were not, however, prepared for what they saw.

"They're just so cute." Midorin commented as she looked down upon hundreds of creepers contained within a dome of glass. "I made a home for them, and they just keep coming in. What are they for?"

"Midorin." Tobi quickly started to interject, promptly panicking at the idea of the explosive monsters escaping their dome. "Those explode. They want to hug you with explosions."

"I want to make one!" Gin laughed.

"I want more pumpkins!" Mikan added.

"There's no way that they explode, Tobi. Just look at them jumping down there! They look so happy! That wouldn't be a nice thing for a green thing to do, anyway." Midorin scowled at Tobi. "I'll prove you wrong."

It turns out that, unfortunately, Tobi was right and Midorin was wrong. Upon jumping down, Midorin's character was engulfed in the Creeper explosion as they all swiftly detonated. Any that lived proceeded to hunt down Mikan, Tobi, and Gin and detonate them too. It was, unfortunately, a deadly green revolution.

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