The Colors Universe

I lost again!? by Kuri

Characters: Akai-san, Mikan-tan
Word Count: 225 words
Theme: a game of cards
Author Notes: A fail writer here! Ignore me and my crappy butt writing... =u =)b it's all good! Enjoy... I guess? XD.. BTW Not meant to be taken creepily.... I swear;;;

How can it be?? Honestly. He was a well respected young man. and here....Here he was...LOSING! Not just losing to one of his friends...

But to his own sister!

He looked over at her. That cute little smile across her face. Ugh. It melted his heart from the love he had for his sister. His eyebrow twitched a little. Akai-san get it together. It’s just beginners luck.

“Nii-tan! Did I win!?” She put her hand down….another flush! She smiled innocently, hoping she had won.

“FFF! Mikan! Are you sure you never played before!” He flailed his arms about, his cards flying in the process.

She pouted. “Are you mad Nii-tan?” She frowned just a little.

Akai covered his eyes and sighed highly. He could feel the sweat on his forehead. “No…I’m just curious as to how you are so good?”

“So, I won again! Yippee!! We all get to have ice cream for dinner! It’ll be so much fun! Oh! Oh! Can we get cake, too?!” She hopped around the table.

Akai looked at her. His smile hidden behind his hand. “Aa. We can get some cake as well….But you have to win again!” He gathered the cards and shuffled them. He passed out the cards and laid out two more.... “huh?”

That’s when he realized….He’d been letting her win unconsciously….because of her cute smile.

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