The Colors Universe

Late to Rise by Ka-chan

Characters: Murasaki-dono, Shirocchi, Kurocchi
Word Count: 206 words
Theme: Mornings
Author Notes: WAH, PETS. I love animals, and I won't deny that my cats aren't guilty of this on more than one occassion...

“That’s a dress.” Kou said flatly, glaring at the garment. “I am not wearing a dress.”

A grin spread across Midorin’s features. “Well” she began while moving in a small shrug “It looks like the girls are the winners by default-“

“No.” Tobi interjected while cupping a hand over Kou’s mouth and grinning to match Midorin. “He doesn’t know what he’s talking about. Give us a minute.”


Several hours earlier, two new visitors to the household brought with them a massive number of competitive showdowns in the normally peaceful, tranquil home of the Colors crew. The challenges, which ranged from innocent to downright obscure, didn’t come to a close as a few people thought they would. The spirit of competition was alive and burning bright within every member of the house. The challenges themselves were nothing special, but the events that they caused were pretty memorable. The challenges related to food were the most uneventful; the only exception being the moment that Mikan attempted to boil an orange. Challenges related to actions and dares proved to be less than satisfactory, especially after a dare of “Spin the bottle, tickle your target” ended in Gin tickling Kurocchi (much to her extreme displeasure) instead of another person.

Each of the residents had attempted their own method of spicing up the showdowns, but the ones who really set things up for the ultimate confrontation challenge that was about to go down were relatives of two of the residents. The first, Kou’s younger sister, sat with the widest smile imaginable. Her eyes, which sparkled as if they were stars, kept darting between several papers set out before her. Despite having her hair in a ponytail, contained in a hat she was already wearing, she had her hood from her hoodie drawn over her head as well. “That seems silly” the other girl remarked about the hoodie “You should take that off, Yukie!”

The second girl was also wearing a hoodie, but lacked a hat which, to her, made her hoodie perfect and acceptable. In addition to covering her head, her hoodie also had two long attachments on the sides. She twirled the end of one of her pigtails, which were tied with two citrusy looking hairties, and decided to simply pull Yukie’s hoodie off. “See? Much better!”

“Natsumikan, I swear—“ Yukie began, but was cut short by the bright orange girl.

“Natsumi, Yukie. Just Natsumi! I like my nickname and it’s just better!” She made a pouting face.

“Fine, fine.” Yukie shook her head. “How’s this for an idea? If this competition won’t end when one side wins…”

“Because the boys are at 5 points and we’re at 22?” Natsumi laughed. “And they still won’t give up!”

“Yes. Exactly.” Yukie grinned. “We’ll make them lose out of embarrassment. The contest is simple. Crossdressing. We’ll have one person from each side be the judge…”

“Murasaki and Aoi!” Natsumi immediately added. “They’re the most fair!”

“I agree.” Yukie’s grin only grew wider. “Let’s win these challenges!

The fact of the matter was, Murasaki hated mornings.

This particular time of day was always bright and often noisy in the Colors household, and Murasaki preferred to keep both to controllable levels that were simply unattainable when she herself was so aggravated and sleepy. It only deepened her resolve to stay buried under the covers longer and longer.

One good thing, actually probably the only good thing, about mornings was she loved how soft Shiroicchi felt beneath her hand as she woke up. He had taken to sleeping in her bed at night lately, and when he wasn't awake and causing general havoc, he was actually quite cute.

Shiroicchi remained cute until about the time when early morning stretched into late morning, where Murasaki dozed and ignored the running footsteps of the others late for work or school. Sometimes it was nice being the one who had the job of just taking care of the house. But about the time that everyone was gone, Kuroicchi always found her way into Murasaki's room and bounced all over the two of them until Shiroicchi would jump down and they took to chasing each other out the door.

Each time, it would only remind Murasaki... she really did hate mornings.

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