The Colors Universe

Juice by John

Characters: Everyone
Word Count: 727 words
Theme: Juice, Joy
Author Notes: Again, hopefully they're not too OOC from how they were designed.

When asked what their favorite juices were, everyone had a different answer. It was impossible for any of them to agree. When they had to go to the store, they had to buy all different types.

“I love apple juice,” Akai-san said confidently. He was certain someone would agree with him after he shared it so many times among each and every friend he had.

“But orange juice is so sour! It’s so much better than apple juice!” Mikan-tan yelled. She had to be heard and her point of view had to overrule Akai-san’s.

“Pineapple juice is so sweet and is easily mixed into drinks to make tropical mixes though,” Kou-kun stated timidly, due to the two that went before him. He loved the Hawaiian fruit drinks that he made.

“Limes might be tart, but if you make limeade, it tastes better than anything,” Midori~n’s bias was also heavily stated in her answer.

“But mixed fruit juices are always the best. After all, they contain lots of blueberries in them.” Aoi-sama spoke as if his opinion was the only one that mattered.

“Grape juice is always going to be better than any of them, isn’t that right, Gin-sensei?” Murasaki-dono tried to coerce Gin-sensei into agreeing with her, but Gin-sensei disagreed like the rest of the group. He, however, had never expressed his own preference.

“What about ciders? I love putting cinnamon sticks into hot sparkling cider!” Tobi-han exclaimed as he jumped into the conversation.

Gin-sensei nervously looked around the room. His bias was never made obvious, since he always decided to go shopping whenever the topic of juice came up. Anything to get himself out of there and away from being pulled into the ongoing debate of what juice is best. He quickly jotted everyone’s favorites and snuck out the door with Kurocchi and Shirocchi.

At the store, Gin-sensei decided to buy the raw ingredients for each juice flavor – apples, oranges, pineapples, strawberries, limes, lemons, blueberries, rasberries, grapes, and cinnamon sticks, while buying extra apples and grapes for Tobi-han’s cider. He also bought a few bottles of 7Up, so that the cider could be sparkling, like Tobi-han liked it.

When he returned home, everyone was still arguing about their favorite juices, while Gin-sensei quietly snuck down to his lab in the basement.

“Now to try my invention for this occasion – the multi-juice mixer!” He skillfully set each type of fruit in its respective place and proceeded to turn on the machine. It slowly started taking all of the fruit and perfectly squeezing, squishing, and sucking the juices from them and sending them all to one of seven bottles under each set of fruits. He was able to make a few gallons of juice with the many fruits he had bought at the store in less than five minutes. Now was the time to see what his friends thought though. He had hoped that he added just the right amount of juice and water, as well as sugar and other sweeteners to each juice that made each of his friends happy.

“There you are Gin-sensei! Where have you been? We still haven’t heard your favorite, and the store closes soon!” Murasaki-dono exclaimed as she looked at Gin-sensei’s nervous smile.

“Actually…I already have gone to the store…Your favorite juices are all in my lab getting cold…in the fridge down there…”

Everyone looked puzzled at him.

“Why are they in your lab?” Kou-kun asked him.

“I…was actually trying out my new invention…which made juice for everyone…It should be ready about now…if everyone is thirsty…”

Everyone immediately got up and rushed to Gin-sensei’s lab, where they each picked a cup from the table in the basement and proceeded to grab one of the gallons of their juice. Gin-sensei was still in the living room, waiting nervously, hoping he wouldn’t hear groans or coughing in disgust.


He heard Kou-kun’s voice first, then everyone else started chiming in with their view on his homemade fruit juices.

“Gin-sensei! You’ve done it again! This is amazing! And it’s all homemade?” Akai-san asked.

Gin-sensei walked downstairs and saw each of their smiling faces with a cup of color-coded juice in each of their hands.

“All homemade from that device there~”

And he continued to explain just how it worked (and demonstrated again…since he accidentally bought too many fruits for storage).

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