The Colors Universe

Juggling by Reine

Characters: Tobi-han, Aoi-sama
Word Count: 586 words
Theme: Juggling
Author Notes: I have absolutely no idea.

It wasn't quite something he expected to do, not really.

He had been minding his own business, staying as far away from the trouble Midorin and the much too energetic Kou. After all, he wasn't in the mood for their shenanigans, or pranks that he was certain Midorin would plan out when she sees him. She's been rather mischievous the past few days, and he'd rather not find out what she had in mind for him if they ever ran into each other. However, somehow along the way he ran into someone else who gave him quite a headache in a different way.

He had just wanted to go to Akai to seek what little normal company there was in that place. Instead, he ran into Tobi, who had looked so concentrated to the point of worrisome that he actually spared a moment to ask him what was wrong. That was his first mistake. The second came about when Tobi decided to show him seven brown balls, not quite the same color he liked.

"Hey, Aoi! Just in time."

"That's Aoi-sama to you."

"Want to juggle with me?"

"... What?"

Never mind that he ignored adding a proper title to his name (which was a criminal offense, as far as he's concerned). Tobi had completely ignored his words and went straight to assuming he would want to play some pointless game of tossing balls in the air with him. That had definitely put Aoi off, enough to give him a frown, before he decided that it would be best not to humor him.

"I'm on my way to Akai-san's, so I can't be bothered to---"

"Great, then we can start juggling on the way."


"Come on, it'll be fun. Look, I can give you these and--"

"What makes you think I'd want to do such a mundane thing?"

"It's just juggling, Aoi."

"That's Aoi-sama, and I said no."

"Well, I guess it could be too hard for some people."

And that's when he made the second mistake of actually being offended. In hindsight, he should've realized Tobi had been aiming for that, especially since he didn't exactly hide the pleased smirk when he shot him a glare at the statement.

"Are you implying I can't do it?"

"Could you?"

"Of course, I can. It can't be that difficult to learn such a thing."

"So you'll do it?"

"When did I ever say that I---"

"Well, it's not like it's a difficult task, right? Come on, it'll take you less than five minutes."

"I said no."

Five minutes later, four balls were rolling and three were barely staying in the air as Aoi tried to keep his balance, falling forward rather ungracefully when the third ball flew a little too far away from his reach, earning a loud guffaw from Tobi as he watched the great Aoi-sama be reduced to an awkward pile of flailing limbs on the ground. That laughter quickly turns into a yelp of pain when one of the balls hit him smack in the forehead, making him land roughly on his behind. It was enough to make Aoi feel a justified sense of accomplishment at watching him fall. He swore to himself right after that to add Tobi in his list of people to avoid from now on, and that juggling should be abolished from existence as soon as possible.

Now if only he can get Gin to agree to that and make a machine to fix that mess.

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