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IroIro no Schooldays: Prologue by Sotto

Characters: Kou-kun
Word Count: 310 words
Theme: Mornings, Mothering
Author Notes: Literally written at the last second, desu~~

"Kou-chan! Kou-chan, are you awake yet? You're going to be late!"

"I'm coming, Mom!" yelled a mottled, blonde reflection. "I'll be right down in a second!"

"Well, hurry up!" the disembodied voice called back, "You shouldn't be late on the morning of the first day of high school!"

Kouichi grimaced at his mirror, only just spotting it grimace back from the corner of his violet eyes. He had already put on his school uniform: light brown jacket, light brown slacks, a white collared shirt, and a black tie. His own personal touch to the uniform, his trademark yellow vest (now in button-up format) peeked out from under the dusty colors like a flower in the shade of a plateau.

None of this mattered to Kouichi. What mattered was the ridiculous lock of bed-hair sticking straight up from the top of his head, a violent counter to his usual loose bangs.

"I don't believe this," he grumbled, poking the strand. "I don't have TIME for this!" The strand wriggled into a coil, then straightened again, as if reflecting the freshman's agitation.

Kouichi turned away from the mirror and began to rummage through his closet. "There's gotta be something in here that can help," he muttered, pulling out article after article of yellow clothing: yellow shorts, yellow slippers, yellow tanktops, yellow boxer-briefs...

Then Kouichi paused. "Hey," he mused, "this could actually work..."

"Kou-chan!? You've got five minutes to eat breakfast!"

"Coming, Mom!" Kouichi yelled back. He snagged the yellow cap from its hiding place underneath a box of yellow Lego bricks, dusted it off, and placed it gingerly over the yellow cowlick.
The cap stayed in place; no one would be able to tell a hair was out of place.

Dilemma solved, Kouichi grabbed his knapsack from the corner of his bed, and raced out the room.

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