The Colors Universe

The Newest Introductions by Ka-chan

Characters: Everyone
Word Count: 607 words
Theme: Juice, Joy
Author Notes: OMG. Animals. CUTE. Aaaaaugh.

The box did not appear heavy, but it obviously jostled enough to prove there was something inside.

Mikan was the first to the table, and of course the first to ask, "Gin, what is this?"

Gin smiled down at her, and held his hand on the lid firmly as the other Colors members floated into the dining room; it was almost suppertime. "Can you help me a moment please, Mikan? I have a surprise for everyone."

"Of course!" was the excited reply.

"We have some new members to add to our family," Gin faux-whispered in conspiratorial manner, and then lifted one edge of the box. He had to quickly grab at the struggling black bundle that attempted to dart out, and picked it up by the chest. "This is Kuroicchi."

"Oh my god! That is so cute!" Mikan yelled, earning a reproving look from Aoi. Mikan jumped up a couple times on the balls of her feet, reaching out to hold the creature.

When Gin handed Kuroicchi over, the creature stopped struggling quite suddenly, and stared right into Mikan's eyes. Neither noticed anything except each other for a full moment until they heard a distinct click at Kuroicchi's throat. Kuroicchi looked panicked, but instead of struggling like before, she seemed more frozen with fear.

"Her collar," Gin stated. "She's been struggling against me to get that on her for a day or two now. I wanted to make sure we could track them if we needed to, before letting them roam the house."

Akai stepped forward. "She is pretty cute," he said in a comforting tone, and reached to scratch at the back of her neck, moving aside the collar somewhat. The panic on Kuroicchi's face slowly dissolved into an expression of pleasure, and she made a strange purring noise.

"I think so, too." This was Kou, and he reached out to take Kuroicchi into his own hands. As soon as Kuroicchi was transferred though, she wriggled free enough to fly... and landed right on Kou-kun's hat. She took a moment to look around at everyone, then kneaded the fabric a bit and laid down, making the same purring sound as before.

"I think she's found a favorite nest," Gin commented, and everyone laughed.

Just then, the box jostled again, and a white nose poked its way to make a crack in the lid.

Gin lifted the box lid fully now, and inside was a fluffy white creature. "Ah, and this is Shiroicchi." The animal seemed much less easily aggravated than its twin, and only pawed lightly at the collar as Gin put it on. "He's a bit more shy, I'm afraid."

Murasaki took an instant liking to him, though and reached out to stroke his chin. Shiroicchi chirrupped happily, and when Midorin began rubbing him behind the ear, he seem conflicted to receive pets from both directions going at the same time. "The markings on his cheeks... they look like leaves," Midorin commented, and her heart was obviously in her eyes as she watched Shiroicchi's conflict.

Aoi's face twitched a bit, and eventually settled into a smirk. "Well... at least that white one seems reasonably quiet."

"Aww," Mikan jibed, finally taking her attention off Kuroicchi, "does Aoi-sama like cute things?"

Aoi spluttered slightly. "I... maybe I do." Thankfully, everyone else seemed more engrossed in the new family members. A few moments passed uneventfully, and then eventually Aoi too went to pet Shiroicchi.

As for dinner, it was pretty late that night, and when it came to deciding where the newest members would end up sleeping, what it came down to was everyone slept sprawled around the living room instead. Actually, Shiroicchi and Kuroicchi wouldn't know any different for several more days to come!

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