The Colors Universe

How not to bake a cake by Moon

Characters: Akai-san, Mikan-tan, Midorin, Aoi-sama, Gin-sensei
Word Count: 839 words
Theme: One time too many
Author Notes: N/A

"Midori~n! Midorin~n!" Mikan called out as she wandered through the house looking for the older girl.

"Over here!" Midorin's voiced called back from the direction of the living room. Turning the corner Mikan bounced in ran up to her target who was seated at one of the tables set up around the room for any random activities the Colors crew could come up with. The current activity being a rather dull card game between her and Gin.

"So what's up?" Midorin asked as she gathered the cards up.

"Could you help me make a cake? I want to make a chocolate cake for everyone."

"A cake? Wasn't Murasaki-dono going to help you with that?"

"She was but then there was an emergency with something so she had to leave and said she might not make it back in time today to help me. And I have to have to have it done today."

"Well I don't know." Midorin put the stacked deck of cards down. "I don't think we have any cake mix left in the kitchen."

"Oh." Mikan pouted as she shuffled her feet.

"I'm sure it's not too difficult to make a cake." Gin spoke up as he pulled out his phone and gave a yawn. "Look see I've already found some instructions." Turning it around so the girls to see. "They don't look too hard. What could go wrong? I'll even help."

"Well..." Midorin looked between Gin, the phone, and Mikan. "Alright I'm sure we can figure it out between the three of us."

A hour later Akai and Aoi were walking by the kitchen when a crash made them stop and look over at each other before going to see what what happening. The scene in the kitchen made them both freeze.

Mikan was seated on one of the stools innocently kicking her feet back and forth as she watched Midorin and Gin argue over a mixing bowl what another lay upended on the floor between them. Scattered all over the counter top were, what appeared to be half the contents of the cabinets and the pantry.

"What in the world have you done to our kitchen?" Akai finally managed to get out as he took everything in.

"Oh Akai-san! Aoi-sama! Midorin and Gin-sensei were showing me how to make a chocolate cake." Mikan smiled as the two older boys came to stand next to her.

"A cake?" Aoi looked over at the Midorin and Gin, who had stopped fighting once they realized they had an audience. "Since when have you two ever baked anything?"

"Since today." Gin reached up to adjust his glasses. "Mikan-tan wanted a cake and it didn't seem that complicated."

"Were you trying to make an ice cream cake?" Akai questioned as he noticed the open tub of vanilla ice cream on the counter.

"No. The recipe just called for some vanilla. I thought it was odd but who am I to doubt written instruction." Gin shrugged.

Meeting Aoi's eyes Akai sighed. "That's supposed to be vanilla extract."

"I didn't think using ice cream was right" Midorin shot a glare at Gin.

"And I suppose you used the chocolate powder that we make chocolate milk with as the coco."

"Yep." Mikan grinned. "That was Gin's idea too."

Looking over the other ingredients on the table the full carton of eggs caught Aoi's eyes. "Did you not use any eggs?"

"I thought we were going to need them but Gin said the instructions didn't say when to put them in." Mikan pipped in helpfully.

Aoi just blinked before taking a deep breath. "Why don't Akai and I help you make the cake instead while Gin and Midorin clean up." Suddenly a ringing sounded throughout the kitchen. "What's that?"

"I think our first cake is done." Mikan grinned and hopped off her stool and ran over to the oven and watched as Midorin pulled out a hard lumpy mess.

Frowning Mikan looked to Akai and Aoi "Is it supposed to look like this?"

"Not quite." Akai grimaced as he imaged how their creation would taste. "Let's get everything cleaned up and try again. And this time we'll help you."

"After reviewing the instructions I believe I have some improvements that would make a better final result." Gin stated as he smoothed out a paper. "If we increased the heat it would speed up the cooking time. And I think if we add more ingredients like banana, oranges, or sausage if would give a greater depth of flavor."

All of them stared at him before turning and started cleaning the mess that lay all over the kitchen. "Gin why don't you go back to your lab and experiment over there and leave the cooking to us?" Akai ushered him out of the room before he got any more ideas. Making sure he had left he turned to the other while rubbing his forehead. "I think we need a new house rule. Gin is not allowed to cook anything in the kitchen."

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