The Colors Universe

Herp and Derp, the Jumbo Squids of Colors House by Mara

Characters: Midorin, Gin-sensei
Word Count: 418 words
Theme: Jumbo size
Author Notes: Based off of a house that Skie and Allmia made in Minecraft for the Colors cast

One summer day, Midorin donned her one swimsuit and moved to the central pool in the house. Ah, what a nice swim she was going to have! But then, as she approached, she noticed that Gin-sensei was… waving to something in the pool.

“Gin… What are you doing?” she asked, perplexed. The scientist turned around and smiled back at her.

“Ah, Midorin! Good of you to come by; I’ve just brought some wonderful new additions to Colors House! Come on you two, come meet Midorin~” The young woman stepped closer to the pool, only to be faced with two jumbo sized squids.

“Why… Gin, why are there two squids in this pool? If I recall correctly, this was for human use.” Midorin nearly had her head in her hands.
Gin-sensei pouted. “Kuro and Shiro swim in here all the time… why can’t Herp and Derp?”

“I… I knew you had weird tastes, Gin, but why those names? And why squids in the first place?!” She was in a near panic. Sure, she loved nature and all its creatures, but squids…

“WHOA. THIS IS AWESOME!” came a sudden cry from the other hall. It was Tobi-han, amazed by the new additions. “Where’d you get them, sensei?!”

“A friend of mine needed a new home for the children his pet squid had. I told him about the pool here at Colors House.” He petted the one he deemed Herp and beckoned Midorin and Tobi to do the same. The brown-clad lad happily complied with this request, but the green lady back away in disgust.

“No way!” she protested. “Squids are the last thing these hands are touching.”

Tobi frowned. “Midorin, that was the last thing I expected to hear from you. You sound like Mikan-tan or Murasaki or… Aoi. I thought you loved animals.”

“Squids are one of a few exceptions. The only thing they’re good for is food,” said Midorin, arms crossed. “I refuse to accept the existence of these things in the House.”

“Midoriiiiiiin, now they’re crying,” Gin-sensei announced.

“How in the world do those things cry? If they could I wouldn’t care.”

“Apologize now, or I’ll sic Kuro and Shiro on your room later.”

Midorin jumped. “…Fine. I’m sorry. I’ll go swim in one of the fountains outside or something.”

“All right!” Gin beamed. “As a treat, I’ll have you feed them for their first week here!”

“How the heck is that a treat?” she questioned, unsure.

“It is for Herp and Derp. I’m counting on you!” And with that, the rest of Colors House gladly welcomed the new members of the family with open arms.

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