The Colors Universe

Good Night by Harumi

Characters: Akai-san, Kou-kun
Word Count: 1,076 words
Theme: Good night
Author Notes: Just something dumb I thought of at 4am XD I'm an artist not a writer but I haven't had any time lately for drawing so this will have to do.

The crisp, cool breeze blew through the open night sky. The blades of grass looked like the waves from an ocean tide as they swayed in the wind. It was early October and the weather was getting cooler by the week but it was openly invited after the scorching summer heat that just past. Other than the sound of crickets, slight laughter could be heard in the wind. Just a few feet ahead on a patch of cool grass, lied Kou-kun, joyfully looking up into the star-filled sky.

“Look, look, Akai-san! That one there looks like an octopus!” Kou pointed out to his sempai, Akai-san, who was sitting up next to the exuberant boy.

Earlier in the evening, Kou asked Akai-san if he’d be willing to join him in watching the stars with him that night. The young lad had always really looked up to the man ever since he first met him. At first glance, some people are actually quite intimidated by the sight of the red-head but Kou-kun took to him almost in an instant, and they actually had a few things in common with one another, they both loved wearing vests for one. Not to mention that Akai actually really enjoyed the company of the younger boy, but it wasn’t like he’d ever admit that out loud though.

“Really? An octopus? It just looks like a big cluster of stars to me” the older of the two males chuckled as he wondered where Kou-kun got his imagination from.

“Awww, c’mon Akai-san! You gotta look harder, it definitely looks like an octopus to me” In an attempt to have the older male see it his way he closed his eyes, puffed up his cheeks and pouted. The red-haired male just laughed and leaned back, trying again to find some sort of species of an animal in the sky, its not like he didn’t have an imagination too.

Kou opened one eye and peered at Akai-san and nearly broke into laughter. The face Akai-san was making was just too hilarious. His brow was knitted and his eyes were squinted, not to mention his lips were squeezed thin. He really was trying way too hard at this game.



It was too much, the young boy burst into a fit of giggles.

“Huh…hey! What are you laughing at?!” Akai-san’s concentration broke that instant as he went to staring at the sky to staring at his hyper friend, trying to figure out what the heck was so funny.

“I-I..mmpffft..I’m sorr- hahaha!” “Y-you’re face was just too funny!” Kou stood up and tried to compose his self. He covered his mouth with a gloved hand to hold back his amusement but it didn’t seem as if it was helping that much.

Akai-san began to fluster a bit under the boy’s enjoyment of the situation. “So you think I’m funny huh?” He said in a mock-intimidating tone. “Well let’s see you laugh at this!”

Akai pounced at the blond-haired boy and began tickling his sides.

“Ah! No fair sempai! T-tha…hahahahaha! T-hat tickles! S-sto…p…hahahaha p-please….hahaha!”

It was almost impossible to think that the boy could laugh any harder but that was what he did as his sempai unrelentlessly attacked him.

“That’s what you get for laughing at people! Now say you give up or I won’t stop!” Akai teased, he ran his fingers down Kou’s sides and stomach as he squirmed, the boy was amazingly ticklish. To be quite honest he didn’t think he would be that much but now that he found out he would make a note of it for future reference.

“Hahaha..o-oka..y..I-I give..hahahaha…I give!” Kou-kun proclaimed as he held his arms up in defeat hoping that Akai-san would decide to let him off the hook.

Akai smirked as he was declared the winner of their horseplay and stopped his attack. “Alright then, come on, lets get up.” He stood up and stretched out his hand to help the boy up to his feet.

Kou-kun took the man’s hand as he helped him up and then he wiped a few tears from his eyes as his laughter finally died down. He didn’t think he ever laughed that hard before in his whole life. “I’m sorry Akai-san, but I couldn’t help it before.” Even though he had a lot of fun he had hoped his sempai wasn’t mad at him.

“Don’t sweat it, I wasn’t angry at you or anything, I was just kidding around with you.” He explained as he idly patted his pants trying to get the dust and dirt that got on them off. “I knew you were just having fun before.”

Kou genuinely smiled as he was happy to learn that everything was alright, he sat back down on the grass and looked up to Akai. “I knew you were just playing too.”

Both males just stayed in silence for a while, with just the wind blowing by again. It was oddly calming, at least to Kou-kun, despite wearing short sleeves he looked quite at peace in the night air. The same couldn’t be said about Akai-san though, he was shivering slightly but he was hiding his discomfort.

“Are you cold, Akai-san?” The blond pondered. “We could go back now if you want to.”

“Huh? Uh, nah, I’m fine, I can stay here as long as you want me too.” Akai reassured to the boy. He sat down and brought his knees to his chest to huddle from the cool air.

Kou-kun just smiled at him and lied back down on the grass again. “You sure it’s alright for you to lay there? You could catch a cold.”

“I’m alright, when I was a little kid I used to stay out and watch the stars on nights like these, so the cold doesn’t really bother me.” Kou explained. “I actually find it quite soothing and nice…thank you for coming out here with me….” Kou said softly, his voice starting to trail off.

“Heh, I see, well, I guess it is nice out here, I’ve never done this before but I did have a nice time…”


Akai looked down at Kou, his breathing was calm and even, apparently he fell asleep just a moment ago. The older male shook his head and smiled. He gently patted the boy’s head and thought to himself. He’s never met someone quite like this ball of energy, and he was certainly glad that he did.

“Good night, Kou-kun.”

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