The Colors Universe

First Valentine's by Arcien

Characters: Mikan-tan
Word Count: 288 words
Theme: Valentines
Author Notes: I apologize if this isn't very good. Short story writing isn't exactly my strongest point. XD

The date was drawing closer and Mikan-tan was getting nervous for some reason. She knew she was being silly, expecting a Valentine’s Day gift when she was single. But another part of her desperately wanted to get something special. She wanted a real gift, not one of those “platonic friendship” presents. It was already February 5th and relationships were heating up as much as the weather was. The snow had mostly melted and going outside no longer felt like an extreme sport.

Spending days with her friends didn’t offer much relief sadly, since several of them were attached. She couldn’t help feeling like a third, fifth, or even seventh wheel. Not that she’d ever let them know. She was happy for them and didn’t want to appear jealous. Part of her considered trying online dating, but didn’t think that true love was as likely as the commercials made it appear.

By the time February 12th rolled around, Mikan-tan had mostly given up for this year. Maybe 2012 would hold better luck for her with romance. As the day arrived, she spent most of it at home, losing herself in videogames. Around 5:30 pm, she was rummaging through the fridge, looking for something to cook for dinner. She heard her doorbell ring, wondering in confusion at who it could be. She opened the door, finding herself face to face with…no one. Turning to go back inside, she noticed a heart-shaped box on the ground. Practically leaping on the gift, she grabbed it and ran inside. A variety of chocolates sat inside the cardboard package. The card said very little, with no signature. But Mikan-tan felt her smile grow as she recognized the scent on the paper.

The card smelled like oranges.

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