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Fashion Design Contest by Pam

Characters: Everyone
Word Count: 815 words
Theme: School uniform
Author Notes: This fic doesn’t make sense in lots of parts because I didn’t think things thoroughly. Forgive me. 8D And I can’t write fics properly. Too much dialogue. 8D And I made the theme into a contest because I don't know who should go to what kind of school/college.

“Midori~n! Midori~n! What are you up to? Can I join??”

Midorin had been so absorbed in her work that she jolted up from Mikan’s exclamation.

“Geez, Mikan. You scared me. You didn’t have to shout like that. I’m busy now. Go play with Kou-kun.”

“But, but Kou-kun isn’t back with Tobi-han-nii-tan yet. And I’m boredddd.”

“Go bother Akai-san then! I’m trying to design school uniforms for a contest.”

“Oh! Oh! A contest! Can I draw with you? I want to try designing one too. Pleaseeeeeee.”

Mikan gave the biggest puppy-dog eyes she could muster. Midorin sighed. She shouldn’t have been working in the living room. All right, all right. No harm done if she joins me here, right?

“Fine. Go ahead, but don’t use up all of my orange tools like last time. Seriously.”
“Yay! Thanks Midorin-neechan!” Mikan settled herself at the table and started scribbling furiously with an orange crayon. Midorin looked on with disbelief. … Did she stop hearing what I said after I said “Fine”, she wondered.

The two girls worked intensely on their designs until Akai-san came into the room. “Ah. So that’s why I hadn’t seen Mikan around today. What are you girls doing?”

“Nii-tan! We’re designing school uniforms!”

“Oh? That’s unexpected. What gave you the idea?”

“There’s a contest in one of the fashion magazines I subscribed to.”

“That’s pretty cool. What’s the prize?”

“Look at this!” Midorin flipped the magazine to the page with the contest details and handed it to Akai-san. After reading it, Akai-san’s eyes lit up with passion. “I’m going to tell everyone about this. We all need to enter this contest to increase the chance of winning!” He rushed out of the room before Midorin could utter a word of objection.

Shortly after Kou-kun and Tobi-han returned to the house from their trip, Akai-san gathered everyone in the living room and announced the house activity for the evening. “Midorin found out about this contest here. We have to design unique male and female school uniforms. If any one of us wins the contest, this is what we’ll get.” Akai-san showed the magazine page with the contest details. A collective sound of awe came from the rest of the household, except for one.

Aoi-sama scoffed, “Hmph. I don’t need to do this. I’m returning to my quarters.” As Aoi-sama turned to leave, Akai-san chuckled. “I suppose your design won’t surpass mine after—.”

“Don’t think so highly of yourself, Akai. Only I have that right. I will definitely defeat you!”

Akai smiled to himself. Got him.

Two months later, Midorin called everyone to living room. “Guys, they announced the winner of that school uniform contest in this issue! I haven’t looked at the results yet.” She flipped the page to the table of contents. “Interesting. It seems that they’re featuring some honorable mentions. How about we look at those first?”

The household nodded in agreement, and Midorin turned to those pages.
“That one is really cool.” Kou-kun pointed out to the design with the sweater vest, to which Midorin responded, “Gosh, that’s so boring, Kou. I don’t even know how it’s on here.”

“Oh my, I love how the ribbon looks like a butterfly on this one. I wonder why it didn’t win.”

“Bah, none of them is orange!”

Midorin turned the page, and everyone gasped.

“Puahahahaha, your design won the “Impractical” award, Aoi!” Tobi-han pointed to the page.

“WHAT?! And it’s –sama, you punk.”

“Relax, Aoi-sama. See here? It said ‘Cool, but Impractical’.”

“With that many zippers, no wonder why,” chuckled Akai-san.

“Why you... At least my design won something. I don’t see your red jumpsuit on here.”

“I’m pretty sure that I didn’t design a jumpsuit… I think you need to get your eye checked again, Aoi.”

“I can see just f—“

“Okayyyyy~,” interrupted Midorin. “I’m going to turn to the winning design’s page now. I’m sure it’ll be my design!” The rest chimed in that theirs will be on the next page.

Collective sigh of disappointment could be heard in the room.

“Well, I admit that this is a really cute design for a girl’s uniform, but it’s a bit too pink for my taste… and these are not platform shoes!”

“And the guy’s uniform has this cool look, like a biker, or something! I still prefer my aviator design though.”

“Was my design really that boring? I thought the way I dress already looks good for a boy’s uniform.”

“I know you all are disappointed, but let’s congratulate the winner of this contest. We were unable to match her skills.” Murasaki-dono smiled. “Congratulations to Aoi-sama. Congratulations to everyone for participating honorably. And congratulations to Akako-san.”

The others cheered up and congratulated Akako-san aloud, wherever she may be.


Akai remained silent the whole time.
How do I explain to them when the prize package arrives here for “Akako”…?

--- END ---

Author's Note: 8D; Please use your imagination for what that prize is.

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