The Colors Universe

Electric Love by Aisu

Characters: Gin-sensei's coffee machine
Word Count: 283 words
Theme: A day in the life of
Author Notes: THIS IS FROM THE POINT OF VIEW OF GIN-SENSEI'S COFFEE MACHINE. I imagine him as someone who has one right next to his desk so he doesn't fall asleep. I ALSO PICTURE IT AS BEING IN LOVE WITH HIM (forgive me Gin-sensei!!). I don't even... I did this quickly, so forgive the rushed and bad writing. = v=

I watch him each day.

Once he starts, it’s impossible for him to stop. You could call it admirable—or stupid. As long as I’m used by him, I don’t mind. My only real purpose in life is to be of service to him. There’s no one that’s ever needed me more and knowing that gives me the strength to keep going on.

Yesterday, he touched me fifteen times through the course of the day. He never left his desk unless the matter was urgent and nothing fazes him when he focuses on his craft. This time it was explosions. As soon as he got out of bed, his hair cutely ruffled, the idea struck. In a matter of seconds his appearance was orderly and that lucky lab coat on his back.

It was a rainbow of beakers and vials; the coffee cup looked remarkably plain in comparison. He’s had it for a long time now. But the colors mixed and swirled together in a stunning symphony that distracted me from my duties. “Bleh---!” was all I heard and I knew I had failed. My only purpose, my only talent.

He wiped his mouth on his sleeve and cleared his throat. “Guess I did something wrong…” my lovely Gin mused to himself, and all I wish is that I could speak to him. So kind, so forgiving! I dream each night of having conversations with him, though I know it can never be.

For the rest of the day his sleeve was stained, but he never took off his jacket. Intently he focused on his experiments, just as I prepared myself for the next cup of coffee he would need from me.

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