The Colors Universe

Dreams by John

Characters: Gin-sensei
Word Count: 512 words
Theme: Never stop, No matter what
Author Notes: Again, hoping everyone is in character~

He opened his eyes. He was holding a silver trophy in his hand. Where was he? He didn’t know, but he felt special; unbeatable in a way. He wasn’t going to let anyone stand in his way next time. He wasn’t going to give up just because the trophy he held was the same color as his hair. He was going to be the world’s best scientist. ‘That’s right!’ he thought to himself, ‘I’m at the Worldwide Science Expo!’ He remembered where he was, but how did he get there? What was this strange invention he had in front of him? What did it do, and why did it win him a trophy? He thought to himself for a few minutes, hoping that the spotlight would not shine on him, as no matter what questions were asked, he would have no answers to give them. He started scratching his head, his confusion becoming visible to the audience, as they started to chatter amongst themselves. His nervousness and stagefright possessed him and he began to worry that they were talking about him. He couldn’t even concentrate on his many questions anymore. The stage was very intimidating. He started to sweat as he looked around the room; the host of this competition was speaking, but no words came out. The sight in around him was stunning. Nothing around him made sense at all, and he began to take deep breaths. He started thinking logically as he resumed thinking about his invention. None of his questions were answered, but he began to feel a sense of pride. He smiled and looked at the trophy, the base of it inscribed with his name. He ran his hand over the inscription and smiled even bigger than usual. It wasn’t gold, but this was special. He had put his heart into everything he built, and though he had no idea what this new piece was, he knew that his building of it was no different. Suddenly a bright light flashed in his eyes, and he heard his name being called.

“Gin-sensei? It’s late! You should go to bed.” Kou-kun was looking at him with tired eyes as Gin-sensei awoke in the living room. He rubbed his eyes and realized that what he just saw was merely a dream. The trophy he held so proudly was gone, and the invention he didn’t even know a thing about was no longer in front of him. He tiredly got up and got two small glasses of milk for himself and Kou-kun. As they drank, Gin-sensei smiled and looked at the small child who was normally so full of energy.

“You’re right, Kou-kun. But thanks to a dream, I have an idea~ I’m going to enter my next invention in a science competition! Nothing at all, not even losing can stop me. I'll still have put everything I have into it. And then I'll matter what, I'll win~” Gin-sensei felt happier than ever as he went to bed and let himself be taken to the world of his dreams once more.

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