The Colors Universe

Dear Diary by Harumi

Characters: Mikan-tan
Word Count: 233 words
Theme: diary
Author Notes: Had a really busy month but I thought this theme would be cute to write out for Mikan-tan ~

One late, November evening, a few hours after the members of the Colors house just had dinner, Mikan-tan was resting stomach-down on her bed, with her blankets and comforters pulled up almost over her head. It was almost December and the nights were getting colder so she liked to get warm and cozy. The glow from her lamp was casting shadows all around her room. The young girl was concentrating on a small book she was holding, quietly writing in it every now and then. She hummed to herself as she turned the page and started a fresh new entry in her diary.

“Dear diary, today Akai-san, Kou-kun, Midorin, and I heard that we would be welcoming a new member to our house soon. None of us know anything about them yet other than they like the color blue and their name: Aoi-sama. It sounds really powerful, I wonder they’ll be a king or queen or something! Ohhh, maybe they’ll have a pretty horse, I always wanted a horse. I’ve only ridden ponies in fairs though….Oh yeah, I’m kinda getting off topic here aren’t I? Well, me and everyone else are pretty excited to welcome this new person. I’m sure we will all get along and have great new adventures.

Well, its bedtime now for me so good night, diary <3 I’ll be sure to write again once we know more about Aoi-sama!”

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