The Colors Universe

The Dark Side of Admiration by Aniki

Characters: Akai-san and Murasaki-dono. Mentions of Mikan-tan and Aoi-sama
Word Count: 1007 words
Theme: Admiration
Author Notes: I decided to mix "Admiration" with the "Weapon" prompt in Pot of Gold. It really came out crazy!

It was laundry day.

Since everyone was out, it was Murasaki-dono and Akai-san doing the job. Murasaki-dono put the clothes at the laundry machine meanwhile Akai-san had the task to fold them and distribute them to everyone's rooms. Akai-san hated doing the job of folding, it was very boring for him yet he could see the purple-haired woman calmly waiting for the machine to finish with the clothes to then put them at the dryer. She looked very serene and patient, the red-haired man was really amused, he knew that Murasaki-dono was a woman with the patience of steel but he couldn't imagine she was this patient. Akai-san only could think about how much he admired that patience since he is the type of person that cannot be sitting still in a same place all the time.

"Akai-san, can you take these to Mikan's bedroom?"

After hearing those words, the redhaired man snapped out of his trance and looked at the orange colored clothes in front of him, neatly folded. He suddenly felt bad because during his time in thoughtland, Murasaki-dono was folding Mikan-tan's clothes and even finished folding all of them. He apologized to Murasaki-dono but she just laughed and told him to not worry, that she was just helping while killing time as well. She must have been bored then if folding clothes seemed fun.

The redhaired man decided to at least show he was reliable to her, so he carefully picked the basked with the small orange clothes and went upstairs. Now that he thought about it, he never entered Mikan-tan's bedroom before...

As he walked up the stairs, he could imagine this orange room full of toys and plush dolls. That would be really fitting for Mikan-tan, she's very small and cute after all. Akai-san could only think about his bedroom compared to Mikan-tan's. His room was red and was a pure chaos, a mix of all the things he liked from visual-kei clothes scattered at the floor, a collection of electric guitars and of course, his dear teddy bears that he collected with care. Maybe he could secretly exchange plush doll advice with Mikan-tan sometime...

Being a boy who likes cute things isn't easy... Especially if you have the image of a fiery bad boy.

It was time to get into the bedroom. Akai-san knocked on the orange door out of respect even though he knew that no one was there, then he nodded and turned the doorknob.

"Sorry for the intrusion."

The moment he opened the door, there was a strong smell of oranges, which wasn't surprising at all considering Mikan-tan's obsession with oranges. Akai-san laughed but his smile turned into shock as he turned on the lights and saw the bedroom. There was all kinds of weapons all across the room, from crossbows to bazookas, all of them spray-painted in orange and with glitter or rhynestones attached to them. The plush dolls were dressed in military clothes and the whole room was a strange mix of orange and camo patterns. How in the world those things got into the bedroom? Akai-san really couldn't stop thinking that this didn't look like the bedroom of a girl at all, even with the fruity scent and the blinding orange all around the place, the whole place really didn't look like something a girl of Mikan-tan's age would have.

Akai-san decided to drop the basket next to the bed and ran back downstairs to the laundry room, a bit traumatized with what he saw. Murasaki-dono then noticed he was pale and shaking.

"Akai-san, is there a problem? You don't look too well..."

"Murasaki-dono, if I told you what I saw I bet you would never believe me..."

"Hmmm... I can actually take a guess from that reaction, especially after that errand I sent you... Is it about Mikan-tan's new hobby?"

"Which new hobby?"

Murasaki then sat down next to Akai-san and patted his back.

"You see, during the girl outing I had this week with Midorin and her... We... Kinda went to the cinema to watch an action movie in where soldiers were risking their lives in an heroic way to protect their country and Mikan-tan said she admired that heroic spirit of theirs so she started collecting weapons and military things through the internet. Isn't curious how the internet works? Just double-click and you have anything in a few days at your doorstep, no matter how big or heavy it is!"

"You could have taken her to watch a cartoon movie with fairies or ponies, this kind of admiration isn't really... Something good for her. Plus, with this hobby of hers right now, I would really ban her from the internet or weaponry stores!"

"Well, you know that children tend to admire adults one way or another. Don't worry Akai-san, she's still a child and you know children get tired of these things easily. One day this is the big thing and tomorrow is another. Today is military things and weaponry and tomorrow it could be cooking or ballet or takarazuka! When I was a kid I wanted to be a kabuki performer but I got so disappointed when I discovered only men could perform in these wonderful plays, my heart ached for days to the point I didn't eat my pudding and Aoi-sama kept taking it from me during lunch at school..."

"Oh Aoi, I should have imagined he was in this story. But going back to the topic! Just... Let's hope she gets over this... And fast. For her own good and because I bet that kind of new admiration of hers costs a lot of crayons."

"Well, a girl should spend their allowance on anything they want though, Akai-san."

"Not on something like this! Let's just return to the laundry and act like we never saw that, it gives me a heartache..."

"You're so funny, Akai-san. Could it be that your heart aches because you liked Mikan-tan?"

"That would be illegal tho, Murasaki-dono..."

"Ah~ A forbidden romance between a soldier girl and a man who collects teddy bears~ I admire such courage~"

"Why do people in this house like or admire the weirdest things?!"

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