The Colors Universe

Crossdressing Competition by Skie

Characters: Everyone
Word Count: 1364 words
Theme: Mmmm~
Author Notes: "Natsumi" (Natsumikan) - Design by Mnemosyne. Yukie - Design by Jun. (old contest submissions for Mikan-tan and Kou-kun)

“That’s a dress.” Kou said flatly, glaring at the garment. “I am not wearing a dress.”

A grin spread across Midorin’s features. “Well” she began while moving in a small shrug “It looks like the girls are the winners by default-“

“No.” Tobi interjected while cupping a hand over Kou’s mouth and grinning to match Midorin. “He doesn’t know what he’s talking about. Give us a minute.”


Several hours earlier, two new visitors to the household brought with them a massive number of competitive showdowns in the normally peaceful, tranquil home of the Colors crew. The challenges, which ranged from innocent to downright obscure, didn’t come to a close as a few people thought they would. The spirit of competition was alive and burning bright within every member of the house. The challenges themselves were nothing special, but the events that they caused were pretty memorable. The challenges related to food were the most uneventful; the only exception being the moment that Mikan attempted to boil an orange. Challenges related to actions and dares proved to be less than satisfactory, especially after a dare of “Spin the bottle, tickle your target” ended in Gin tickling Kurocchi (much to her extreme displeasure) instead of another person.

Each of the residents had attempted their own method of spicing up the showdowns, but the ones who really set things up for the ultimate confrontation challenge that was about to go down were relatives of two of the residents. The first, Kou’s younger sister, sat with the widest smile imaginable. Her eyes, which sparkled as if they were stars, kept darting between several papers set out before her. Despite having her hair in a ponytail, contained in a hat she was already wearing, she had her hood from her hoodie drawn over her head as well. “That seems silly” the other girl remarked about the hoodie “You should take that off, Yukie!”

The second girl was also wearing a hoodie, but lacked a hat which, to her, made her hoodie perfect and acceptable. In addition to covering her head, her hoodie also had two long attachments on the sides. She twirled the end of one of her pigtails, which were tied with two citrusy looking hairties, and decided to simply pull Yukie’s hoodie off. “See? Much better!”

“Natsumikan, I swear—“ Yukie began, but was cut short by the bright orange girl.

“Natsumi, Yukie. Just Natsumi! I like my nickname and it’s just better!” She made a pouting face.

“Fine, fine.” Yukie shook her head. “How’s this for an idea? If this competition won’t end when one side wins…”

“Because the boys are at 5 points and we’re at 22?” Natsumi laughed. “And they still won’t give up!”

“Yes. Exactly.” Yukie grinned. “We’ll make them lose out of embarrassment. The contest is simple. Crossdressing. We’ll have one person from each side be the judge…”

“Murasaki and Aoi!” Natsumi immediately added. “They’re the most fair!”

“I agree.” Yukie’s grin only grew wider. “Let’s win these challenges!

The contest, crossdressing showdown, was to be the final game. Aoi and Murasaki were the judges, and the contestants were Akai, Kou, Tobi, and Gin versus Mikan, Midorin, Yukie and Natsumi. The contestants were permitted to choose their opponent and theme. Each competitor would be given 30 minutes to dress and prepare. In the event of a tie, Murasaki and Aoi would be the tiebreakers. The first round was decided immediately after every resident was in the common area. Midorin immediately stood and pointed a neon green fingernail at Kou in challenge.

“You and I, Kou! Let’s settle this! You’re not getting off easy after you coated me in that sickening yellow paint!” Midorin’s face changed into a grin. “And I know exactly what the theme will be… Yukie! Pull out the secret weapons!”

In an instant, Yukie was holding up a set of dresses. “How about these, big brother?!” she proclaimed, proceeding to giggle wildly as she witnessed Kou turning white.

“That’s a dress.” Kou said flatly, glaring at the garment. “I am not wearing a dress.” A grin spread across Midorin’s features. “Well” she began while moving in a small shrug “It looks like the girls are the winners by default-“

“No.” Tobi interjected while cupping a hand over Kou’s mouth and grinning to match Midorin. “He doesn’t know what he’s talking about. Give us a minute.”

Midorin and Yukie proceeded off to change, both planning to make Midorin into a convincing man in some wonderful sort of green outfit. Tobi and Kou, meanwhile, proceeded off to struggle. Kou was entirely against wearing any dress at all until Tobi began commenting about skirts and even bikinis. In that moment Kou became quite more open to the dress idea. Gin and Akai entered to help out, as they were just as concerned about losing to the girls team; though they both secretly wanted to watch to get ideas for when they inevitably had to participate.


Midorin stepped out upon the stage and tipped her fedora just slightly. She was wearing a set of black slacks, black dress shoes, a dark vest with green pinstripes, and a white collared shirt with the sleeves rolled up. In her hands, she twirled a long black cane. “Well, what do you think? Perfect in every way!” she remarked.
Kou stepped out onto the stage next, he kept his hands covering his front as he moved, entirely embarrassed. He was wearing a long, bright yellow sundress as well as a set of frilly white gloves. His behavior was proving to be the most convincing, as he looked like an entirely embarrassed girl to be there.
The final verdict of round one, to Midorin’s great pleasure, went to the girl’s team.

Round two pitted Akai in a skirt and (stuffed) bikini top against Natsumi in a citrusy suit. Despite a convincing hairstyle, Natsumi’s stature was unable to stand up to (literally) Akai’s performance. Akai nearly lost some of the stuffing in his bikini top, but he persevered and managed to put on a convincing dance. Natsumi, meanwhile, did nothing more than pose once.

Round three put Gin against Mikan. Both participants put minimal effort into their crossdressing performances, but the victory went to Mikan for her clever use of a bowtie; that and Gin did nothing more than put a skirt over his pants and flaunted himself as a woman. None of the other residents found it amusing.

Round four pitted Tobi against Yukie, and it proved to be quite a showdown. Tobi stepped out on stage in a surprisingly short skirt that event went so far as to reveal his panties. To match the skirt, he wore a top that revealed a considerable amount of midriff and he even wore a wig styled into twin ponytails to add to his allure. “Mmmm~ judges… Just look at me” he added in a surprisingly feminine voice. Yukie, however, had disguised her feminine features, spiked her hair, and stepped out upon the stage in a pair of chained jeans, tattered shirt, and both leather gloves and jacket. She loudly proclaimed “You judges’d better know who you’re voting for or I’ll bust ‘ya up!” the loud comments were convincing, but sadly the victory went to Tobi for being surprisingly and terrifyingly convincing.

Due to the tie, the final round pitted Murasaki and Aoi against eachother with the residents and visitors of the household as the final judges. Aoi stepped upon the stage first, surprisingly, wearing an unconventional short kimono that was positively covered in zippers. His hair was pulled up into a swirled bun. To top it off, he had donned a flower eyepatch and a flowery, girly belt around his waist. Murasaki stepped out second, wearing a pure purple business suit with a butterfly tie. What stood out most, however, was that she had slicked her hair back completely and had a pipe held in her mouth. However, after much deliberation, it was decided that there could be no victor. The votes were 4 for 4 for the final round, and the battles began anew.

It was to be a long summer full of competitions and showdowns.

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