The Colors Universe

Countdown by Harumi

Characters: Mikan-tan, Midorin, Aoi-sama, Kou-kun, Akai-san
Word Count: 250 words
Theme: countdown
Author Notes: Not much :'D just a little ficlet I decided to write ~

Christmas went by as quickly as it came in to the Color’s house and everyone was still in lively spirits. But even after the holiday came and went, everyone was still quite busy around the house. Now that all the presents have been exchanged and opened, stockings unstuffed, and eggnog been drank, it was already the end of the year again and it was time to begin the New Year’s preparations. Mikan-tan and Midori~n busied themselves with the decorations and party favors. While the men decided they would cook the New Year’s meal. Kou-kun really liked to cook, it was a not-so secret of his, so he gathered the rest of the guys to help him out. Even the new welcomed member to the house, Aoi-sama was helping out.

After the New Year’s banquet, the big moment was fast approaching, there were only 15 minutes left in the year. Everyone quickly scrambled to finish any last minute projects they were doing. Mikan-tan went up to her room to enter a quick note in her diary, Akai-san was changing into a fresh pair of clothes, Midori~n was making sure the clock was set properly and Aoi-sama was helping Kou-kun finish cleaning the kitchen.

And thus with just a minute remaining, everyone gathered together, they all had smiles on their faces and warmness in their hearts. They weren’t just friends they were family. With just a few seconds left they all counted in unison.



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